Web traffic can be defined as the number of visitors we have on our website during a certain time and it is a key indicator when it comes to checking if we are doing a good job with our page. Today, we can add our visitors significantly by doing some things. For example, we can now buy traffic AccFarm.

One of the ways in which we can know the first fruits of our work within the web is through the use of traffic measurement tools.  Measuring traffic is one of the first indicators of whether the strategies used are working correctly or if it is time to prosecute. There is a variety of tools that allow you to measure your website traffic; some of them are even free.

The premise is simple, the better you know the traffic of your website, the more certain you will have that the strategies implemented are working and that is precisely where the importance of measuring it resides, in addition to having greater control over this data, it will also allow you to know the audience, identify their needs, satisfy their new demands and also take into account what the rest of sites similar to yours offer to determine what is the best path to take to overcome them in terms of the competition they may represent.

Since most websites do not publish their statistics to the public, it is therefore difficult to obtain precise numbers of the web traffic of the rest of the pages that can perform in the same field. Which, it is very true, is a complication to be able to do really reliable studies of the competition to analyze it and know how it is in relation to oneself. With this in mind, at best, you can search for a website’s “advertising page” which may include marketing materials, demographic information, and yes, monthly traffic data.

Tools to measure your website traffic

To measure web traffic you can use Google Analytics. You just have to add a script to the pages of your website (normally it is added in the header of the website) and Google Analytics will be in charge of showing you the most important statistical information for your website. In addition to web traffic, you can also analyze other important indicators such as the bounce rate, the number of sessions, the duration of each session, or the origin of the visits. But this is not the only way to measure and know it.

Another option is SE Ranking that allows complete tracking of your website, analyzing, among other things: your average position of the main keywords of the analyzed site; a comprehensive survey of all site headings, descriptions, and images for SEO errors; It even analyzes the ads in Google Ads of the competition at the level of keywords, copies, and CPC; or make complete marketing plans.

From another approach, there is also SEMRush which is mainly a search engine optimization tool. What does this mean? That you’ll be using it as a website owner to help find and target keywords that get you more search engine traffic and get more organic traffic. However, as a regular web user, you can use it to see what kind of search traffic a site receives. So, it is one of the most recommended to find out how to know the traffic of a website.

On the other hand, SimilarWeb is a tool to know the web traffic of a website that has great value. Which? Mainly we can highlight that the real value is its Top Rankings page, a classification of the sites with the highest ranking by category and by country (limited in its free use). Also, if you enter the main URL of a specific website, it will give you concrete statistics.

In the end, knowing the development of your website is the first step in developing it so that it is according to your wishes.