Artificial intelligence has come a long way in recent years. People often benefit from this technology without knowing they are doing so. The following companies are using AI today to take their organizations to a new level. 

The Insurance Industry

VeriKAI is transforming the insurance industry today. This underwriting tool uses individual and clinical behaviors when calculating a premium for a customer. This helps an insurer determine the risk for a particular group while giving the company an edge over competitors. With the help of this program, insurers find they can improve efficiency and their loss ratio as they close more business. Customers appreciate the personalized risk assessments because they help to keep premiums down for many people that would otherwise be placed in a high-risk group. 

Conversational AI

LivePerson uses Conversational AI to handle many customer service tasks through texts and online chat. This leaves human customer service agents free to handle queries the AI cannot. Conversational AI integrates with commerce systems, which is a new feature added last year. In the past, it focused on after-purchase support, but now it does much more. Customers at Dunkin’ can now join the company’s loyalty program with the help of a bot. 

However, LivePerson didn’t stop there. It also created a COVID-19 screen bot that is being used at Bella Health. The bot identifies individuals infected with the virus before they spread it to others. In addition, AI Annotator allows support reps to make improvements to the bots with little knowledge of data science. This has led to a significant increase in automated conversations occurring on the platform. 

LinkSquares and Contracts

Reading a contract can be a time-consuming task. These documents often contain legal language that the average person doesn’t understand. LinkSquares helps to ease the process of deciphering contracts with the use of artificial intelligence. This allows users to streamline private audits and more that require an understanding of contractual law. They don’t need to hire an attorney to assist them with understanding what is in the document. The company chose to update the program in 2021. Now it integrates with DocuSign and Salesforce to ease business operations. In addition, the program complies with the California Consumer Privacy Act. People have found this program to be so amazing that the company has grown over 1000 percent in two years. 

Eightfold Career Advancement

Anyone looking to advance their career will benefit from Eightfold’s AI technology. Networking plays a large role in achieving this goal, but many people lack access to networking opportunities. This program makes it easier to connect with others. The program recommends mentors for individuals in an organization, along with internal jobs and projects. This helps the employee move their career forward. Government agencies have taken notice and now use the program to upskill and reskill individuals. The company is also working with OneTen, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping one million Black Americans move their careers forward without the need to earn a four-year degree. 

These serve as only a few of many companies benefiting from the use of AI today. Countless others are doing the same with great success. Learn more today to see if this is what your company needs to move forward.