Many people have speculated that the Great Retrenchment is upon us. However, anytime we experience a crisis, new opportunities also emerge, and many local brands are taking advantage of new marketing opportunities in order to thrive during the pandemic.

Here are four ways digital marketing has changed for business owners throughout Arizona in 2020.

Video marketing

Video content is almost always more engaging than written content. Video transforms ordinary content into a fun and easy-to-consume sound bite.  Consequently, it’s rapidly turning out to be many consumers’ preferred method to engage with brands on the internet.

To rule the industry in 2020, you must be updated with the most recent video marketing tactics, in order to offer your audience what they like. Video is incredibly engaging, primarily live video. Live streaming is on the rise, and it tends to be even more impactful when it’s combined with influencer marketing.

Content marketing

Content marketing is critical, as it gives your brand a way to address your audience’s concerns. A brand can swiftly develop trust with its clients through content marketing. Furthermore, in 2020 customers expect top-notch, fascinating content from their preferred brands. Content marketing also helps brands generate more leads, build rapport with an audience, and develop industry authority.

Potential clients and customers inherently trust brands more if they see the brand as an industry leader. A good content marketing strategy showcases expertise in your sector and offers meaningful solutions to your audience’s inquiries.

Email marketing

In 2020, there has been a swift decrease in plain-text emails and pamphlets. Replacing them are lovely pixel-perfect emails that appear to be developed by web designers. Email advertising is advancing since traditional displaying emails are not as effective at converting as they once were.

Currently, a blend of automation and more significantly, personalization makes email advertising more significant in 2020.

The death of traditional marketing

Traditional advertising and marketing methods have been on the decline for a decade, and the pandemic has expedited the process.

The digital marketing landscape has changed considerably in the last 180 days. Gone are the days where word of mouth and repeat and referral clients could sustain a local business. In the post-COVID world, the success of a small business will largely depend on how easy it is for customers to do business with them. A well defined online presence is no longer an option,” explains Christopher Amos, Founder of No Boundaries Marketing in Surprise, AZ.

Local businesses and mom and pop shops who have resisted digital marketing up until now have had no choice but to finally take their marketing online in 2020.

Today’s educated consumers need brands to interact with them in new and inspiring ways that make the client’s journey more fun. A brand’s online experience must be productive and positive, and businesses must be relevant to what’s going on in the world, in order to thrive in these uncertain times.