If you want to spend many days sleeping under the stars, breathing in beautiful backdrops, and spending quality time on the open road with your friends, a camping road trip could provide a fantastic adventure.

If you’re ready to create many memories and enjoy unique experiences that will become the highlight of your year, find out how to plan a perfect camping road trip.

Pick the Perfect Destinations

While you might be tempted to jump into a car or RV to see where the open road takes you, you would be wise to pick camping destinations before you travel. For example, some camping spots will fill up quickly and you might need to book many months in advance. Plus, it will provide time to plan for any onsite activities. For example, a Glacier National Park itinerary can help you learn more about the popular tent and RV camping spots, as well as information on trail hikes, horseback riding, and white-water rafting, to name only a few.

Choose the Right Time

Before you buy a tent and stock up on camping supplies, you must consider the best time of year to visit a destination. For example, if you are planning a camping trip to the likes of Glacier National Park, you should time your visit for early September when there will be fewer crowds and a pleasant climate.

If you decide to travel to a destination outside of summer, you should research the average temperature at night to ensure you aren’t tempted to pack up your belongings and drive back home. For example, if you are taking a camping road trip to Southern California, you should be aware that night-time temperatures could drop below freezing during winter. A little research could prevent you from making a big camping mistake.

Service Your Vehicle Before a Journey

Nothing can ruin a camping road trip like your car or RV breaking down. Even if your vehicle is currently running smoothly, you should have it serviced before a trip, especially if you’ll be tackling many miles on the road. In addition to a basic service, you should have both your filters and oil changed, which could prevent you from waiting for a recovery on the side of a highway. It will provide peace of mind that you’re unlikely to suffer a car issue during a road trip.

Buy Local Groceries

While there is no reason not to buy non-perishable items before a trip, such as coffee and canned goods, you should shop locally when you need fresh ingredients. You will likely save you and your road trip buddies a substantial sum by buying products from farmer’s markets and local stores close to your campsite. It will also allow you all to sample the regional cuisine that’s in season, and you’ll help to support a town or city’s local economy.

So, if you are planning a camping road trip with your friends in the future, bear the above helpful tips in mind for an unforgettable adventure.