Mobile Drug Testing (MDT) has become a viable option for clinically assessing illegal substances in the body. With the increased cases of illicit drug intake and rising substance abuse, more establishments find it more convenient to set up MDTs to conduct quick checks on employees, students, etc. Right here on this page is a discussion on the advantages of Mobile Drug Testing, also known as Roadside Drug Testing (RDT).

Increased participation

Mobile Drug Testing reaches large numbers effectively, making it a significant advantage for employers or the entity organizing it. MDTs make it possible to test large groups without compromising the quality of results or sample collection. Additionally, it provides the organizing body with the opportunity to monitor people who participate in the process. Indeed, routine drug testing is a must in some establishments, and Mobile Drug Testing helps them fulfill this crucial screening process.

Offers flexibility

The flexibility here comprises ease of access and convenience. For example, employees who participate in the testing process can return to work immediately without wasting time. Moreover, your other employees who run shifts get their turn, depending on your arrangements. Furthermore, you can easily access Mobile Drug Testing services when you have reasonable suspicions of an employee. As the organizing body, you do not need to worry about collecting, processing, and storing specimens.

Elimination of delayed tests or missing specimen

Did you know that chances of losing employee specimens are significantly increased when they send their samples to the testing facility? However, you don’t have to worry about this issue with Mobile Drug Testing services. This automatically reduces incidents of specimen loss or delayed deliveries. Additionally, it is improbable that your targets will miss out on the process.

Assurance of uncompromised tests or test results

With Mobile Drug Testing, workers or employees do not need to wait in winding queues with their specimens. Research has revealed that unaccounted times increase the possibility of tampering with their original samples. There have been cases where colleagues have tampered with samples or specimens to compromise the final results.

According to research, some people do this to prevent ‘friends’ from losing their jobs or positions. There were news reports of some employees accepting bribes in exchange for ‘untainted’ specimens to be tested for substance abuse in recent times. Fortunately, Mobile Drug Testing helps to eliminate the loopholes found in traditional testing procedures.

Reduced downtime

Mobile Drug Testing services help you reduce the unavoidable downtime that comes with it. Because the testing facility is onsite instead, workers spend only a few minutes for the collection process before returning to their respective roles. The short time missed is nothing compared to a scenario where you may have to organize transportation for your workers to get the tests done.

Additionally, Mobile Drug Testing is cost-effective because you can have group testing done at a subsidized rate. Indeed, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, so the next time you want one done, seek out companies that offer MDT services.