What factors do you consider when job seeking? Pay rise? Fluid working schedules? Allowances? All these are essential but might still not be sufficient, especially if you’re one for community development. If you’re such a person, giving back to the community should be a mainstay as you hunt for your new career. Luckily, here are five careers that involve helping the community.

1. Social Worker

Social workers can play many roles in community development. They can help raise awareness on specific issues plaguing a community. A social worker can also advocate for marginalized or vulnerable groups, helping them share their stories, seeking justice, and raising funds to support the cause.

Social workers may require some level of training to know which agencies or bodies are appropriate for what social interventions and how to communicate their plans. Enrolling in a Social Justice Educational Studies program can never be a miss if you want to become a social worker.

2. Firefighter

About 4,000 Americans perish yearly in house fires, with over 2,000 more as injury victims. That’s how critical the firefighter’s role is to society. Firefighters are the first responders at every accident scene, whether there’s a fire outbreak or not. Their services are needed in multiple accident scenarios, from landslides to automobile accidents, where they help rescue drivers stuck in cars.

3. Family Counselor

If you believe family is a primary agent of socialization and needs to be strengthened for community development, then you’re right about asking about what this career entails. A family counselor assists families in working through challenges like divorce, and layoffs, helping them manage emotional and mental health issues. As a family counselor, you can work with troubled teens and different types of victims to ensure they don’t get written off by society.

4. Police Officer

A police officer is one of the most satisfying careers to consider in your career hunt. This is especially true if you’re looking for a career where you can be a positive influence on society every day. You can check with your local department to determine the type and level of education needed to become an officer.

5. School Counselor

According to The National Center for Education Statistics, nearly three million high school students graduate each year. The next big step, whether they should further their education and what to further, can be daunting for them.

For the most part, that’s where school counselors come in. They’re well trained to help students with educational growth, career, and other personal life decisions. Becoming a school counselor involves giving guarantees to students who are often confused and end up making wrong decisions which can jeopardize their future of sustaining a career.

Generally, many of these careers may require specialized training, and some might require licenses to practice. Even though pursuing such careers can be daunting, the benefit of helping individuals and groups through hard and tricky times of their lives can be worthwhile. If you’re serious about pursuing a career where you can give back to the community, then these job options are a good place to start.