Whether you are spring cleaning your home or preparing for a family get together, performing a thorough cleaning will freshen things up. Dealing with work and family obligations is time consuming and the last thing many people want to do on their off days is clean. Cleaning for hours on a Saturday afternoon can be draining and makes it probable that you’ve overlooked places in the home to clean.

It’s easy for a home to get dirty again, even after a deep cleaning, as there are common areas that get neglected. Here of some of the most overlooked areas I have found homeowners miss during my two decades of experience at De La Rosa House Cleaning.

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Behind the Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is a common task for any homeowner. However, while the toilet bowl is getting clean the backside is often overlooked. This area attracts dust, debris, and the buildup of bacteria. When cleaning behind the toilet use a disinfectant and be sure to wipe down the porcelain as well as the floor and wall.

Behind the Refrigerator

Have you ever opened the refrigerator and got hit in the face with a nasty smell, so you take everything out and give it a deep clean? The same needs to happen behind and under the refrigerator. At least once a month pull out the refrigerator from the wall and wipe down the back of the appliance. Use a disinfectant to clean the wall and floor. Also wipe off the coils to prevent dust buildup. It is important to clean this area because it is a perfect place for bacteria to grow due to it being dark and warm.

Interior Doors

Doors inside the home attract dust, debris, and scuffs. Neglecting the doors can leave your home feeling worn. Wipe down the interior doors with a damp soapy rag. Be sure to clean the top of the door as well as the frame. For scuffs that cleaning won’t remove, you can use touch up paint to freshen up those areas.


Window blinds can be challenging to clean since they constantly move and you need to flip them around. Keeping them clean will freshen up the look of your home. Blinds collect a lot of dust, so they need cleaning on a regular basis, at least once every couple of weeks. Using a damp soapy cloth wipe down each panel from top to bottom and sweep up the dust that accumulates on the floor after.

Air Vents

Most homeowners replace their air filters on a regular basis but often forget to wipe down the air vents throughout the home. Vents collect a lot of dust and debris that can spread throughout the home when the air condition or heat is on, so they need regular cleaning. Wipe down the vents with a damp cloth being sure to remove all the dust. By doing this regularly, once every couple of weeks, you will see a significant decrease of dust build up throughout the home.


When cleaning, many homeowners focus on the floors and neglect the baseboards. The baseboards cover the area where the wall and floor join and often have a small edge on the top. This area is prone to collecting dust. Even when the rest of your home is clean if there is dust build up on the baseboards it can make the space look dingy. Simply, take a damp rag and wipe down the baseboards every couple of weeks to keep your spaces feeling fresh and free of dust and debris.


Handles and doorknobs often go overlooked when it comes to home cleaning. Since they are in constant use throughout the day, bacteria can spread from the buildup of dust. Be sure to disinfect your doorknobs and any other handles with anti-bacterial cleaners to keep germs from spreading.


When cleaning the living room, it seems we always move the remotes off the coffee table, wipe it down then put the remotes back. Remotes need wiping down with a disinfectant at least once a week. They are a great place for bacteria to build up since they are constantly in someone’s hands. Next time you go to clean your coffee table give the remotes a quick wipe down too.

Even the cleanest of people with regular cleaning routines often overlook these areas of the home. By keeping these spaces clean you are not only making your home look good you are protecting yourself and your family from bacteria that can build up. Add these areas to your cleaning regimen to keep your home fresh and clean.


Author: Johnny Pallares is the owner of De La Rosa House Cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona. The company provides professional home cleaning services to over 500 clients across the Greater Phoenix area.