The digital age has transformed how B2B (Business to Business) communication and operations are handled.

To succeed in the market, B2B enterprises must develop well-thought-out, flexible, and creative marketing strategies which align with industry trends and the ever changing buyer behaviors.

Digital marketing, if done right, is one of the most effective ways of generating sales. Here are five highly efficient digital marketing strategies for B2B firms in 2021 and beyond.

1. Harness the Power of Social Media

As a B2B business owner or sales rep, you know by now the influence social media has on marketing. Therefore, you need to make it an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Why is that?

Well, 60% of buyers use social media as a source of information which means it is the first place they will check for details about products or services.

Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube ,Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, your profiles need to be relevant, informative, attractive, and interactive.

Though social media marketing might be labor-intensive and expensive, the platform is here to stay, and its impact keeps growing.

One of the most manageable ways to use social media is to leverage your material with SEO content.

A winning social media page should be engaging and attractive with fundamental information such as:

  • Industry tips and news.
  • Pain point solutions.
  • Updates to your products/services.
  • Happy clients’ testimonials (video and written).
  • Links to instructional videos.
  • Links to case studies and other social media platforms.

The one thing you should avoid while creating material is overt sales pitches. The aim is to spike curiosity enough to lead people to acquire your services and products.

2.  Cold Calling

Cold calling is specifically designed to inform and familiarize your prospects with the services you offer.

The word ‘cold’ refers to the fact that the call is made without prior groundwork. If you call clients who are already interested in your product, that is referred to as ‘warm calling.’

For B2B companies, cold calling is a cost-effective marketing strategy that, when done correctly, could generate rewarding sales ventures.

Benefits of cold calling:

1. There is a good chance that if prospects are not looking for your products or services, they will not discover your website. Cold calling helps you reach out to clients that fit your customer profile and tell them about the services you offer.

2. Cold calling is an excellent way of gaining relevant information from potential clients. When you call your prospects, there is a high chance that they (those willing to talk to you) will give you valuable information on the aspects clients are looking for in that industry.

The best way to make cold calling effective is following the dos and don’ts of cold calling before reaching out to the client.

3. Use Engaging Video Ads and Content

A good marketing video is supposed to grasp the attention of your prospects and elicit an emotional reaction.

If a 30-second video of a cat dancing can have over 10 million views, imagine what you could do with a well-made B2B marketing video.

65% of people identify as visual learners. What this means for you as a B2B sales rep or business owner, is that you should find ways of incorporating your brand’s story in engaging visuals.


WeWork the American commercial real estate company made excellent sales by creating a snazzy and visually appealing video that highlighted their experience, mission, and performance in an awe-inspiring way.

In their video, they shared the economic impact statement for companies that chose to work with them.

Whether it is a GIF or a short video, research shows that video content helps in generating the most leads.

Visuals are the key to successful marketing. On Instagram, for example, 25% of advertisements are in video format with an outstanding clickthrough rate of 1.84% ( and the number keeps growing).

4. Engaging, Attractive, and Informative Websites

A website is an online shop where your clients can visit to get information or purchase your services or products.

It is an industry resource that engages prospects with informative, easy-to-access, and entertaining experiences.

Your website should showcase your expertise and, at the same time, provide solutions for your potential buyers.

An effective website should also provide prospects with tools that collect data, such as sales leads.

A B2B website must;

  • Be suited to target prospects.
  • Be mobile responsive.
  • Feature the company’s social media pages.
  • Have viable information
  • Be updated and assessed regularly.
  • Have up-to-date essential industry information
  • Have calls to action.

Changing marketing dynamics are forcing B2B companies to evaluate their ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ attitude. Websites today are like living, breathing entities that need constant sustaining.

The B2B research process tends to be long and emotional, therefore, your website should simplify the discovery process by outlining solutions to pain points.

5.  Segmenting Your Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaigns

PPC ads give you access to advertising platforms to get your material in front of the relevant prospects.

In most cases, you have to pay for ad clicks that will direct users to your website, but you can also get other campaigns such as impressions, on-site engagements, and video views.

PPC is a valuable and irreplaceable B2B marketing tool for building awareness, driving conversions, and generating leads.

When making a PPC campaign, think about the kind of solutions your prospects are searching for and find creative ways of giving them resolutions.

Your campaigns can be most effective when they are divided into these segments;

Features: Web design, WordPress,

Categories: Ecommerce, Custom Website Design

Industries: Restaurant, Retail Web Design

Location: Washington, London Web Design.

Once you have a more targeted and creative group, ensure each campaign has the essential keywords, landing pages, and ads. This way, you have higher chances of landing quality leads.