Did you that pollution is one of the world’s biggest killers? It affects over 100 million people and 700 marine species.

We are now in the years where we can no longer ignore the impact of our technology on the environment. How can you help as a business? It’s time to come up with some eco friendly promotional product ideas.

Make more people be aware of your brand while helping the environment. Go green with our guide of five eco friendly promotional products that you can sell today!

1. Reusable Drinkware and Straws

Many restaurants now ban one-time-use straws due to the negative impact it has on marine wildlife. Ditch those fast-to-disintegrate paper straws and non-biodegradable plastic straws.

Instead, you can sell reusable bamboo straws placed in your branded purse, case, or bag. You can also include it as a set with reusable drinkware. Add your own flair to them by adding extra features through design or upgrading them into smart water bottles.

2. Drawstring Bag

Cotton is one of the toughest fibers on the planet. This means that bags made out of cotton can last for a long period and handle water and heat. Cotton drawstring bags are renewable and sustainable for any customer around the world. Click here if you want to make your drawstring bags customized with unique designs or logo.

You can add eco friendly freebies while you sell a drawstring bag with your logo. Add freebies like t-shirts, utensils, pencils, and easy process patches. If you’re not interested in drawstring bags, you can also go for tote bags.

3. Slim Journals or Notebooks

Journals are one of the most popular eco friendly promotional products given out by many businesses. Give out notebooks where customers can jot down their notes and support the environment with 100% recycled paper.

Notebooks, such as Eco Frisco, use soy-based, organic inks for minimal impact. Be sure to add your personal branding through digital print transfer or debossing. Aside from notebooks or journals, you can also go for a sticky note set with recycled paper.

4. Recycled Pens and Pencils

Match your journals and notebooks with a recycled pen or pencil. Instead of giving out traditional pens, use ballpoint pens made from recycled water bottles. These are also perfect with your exhibition giveaway pack.

You can also make pencils made entirely of recycled paper or banknotes. All those old files with useless or outdated information can turn into a pencil.

5. Lunch Bags

Bringing lunch to work or school is a great way to cut on wastes and cash. Encourage your customers to get your branded recycled lunch bags or containers. You can also go for bento boxes made from bamboo with leak-proof lids.

Customize the lunch bag and bento box with your logo or your unique brand phrase. You can add your logo or phrase through laser engraving or full-print imprint.

Give Your Clients Something New With Eco Friendly Promotional Products

These eco friendly business promotional products can boost your brand and save the environment. Many customers see businesses with sustainable products in a more favorable light. Get some ideas from these five eco friendly promotional products.

It’s time to switch to more environmentally friendly products! Need more inspiration? Take a look at our collection of guides with more eco friendly ideas.