Are you interested in knowing the steps that would enable you to be able to migrate to the United Kingdom permanently? You are at the right place; we will help break down the process revealing the essential steps necessary. With that being, said let us delve right in. The UK is a great place to live in because of its diverse culture, people, home to many famous sites like the London Bridge, and an excellent educational system. Moving from one country to another can be stressful and requires diligent planning regarding the paperwork and process one has to go through.

The following are some steps that can help you in migrating permanently to the UK;

1. Apply for UK Visa.

2. Draw up a budgetary plan

3.  Accommodation

4. Finding a job

5. Apply for healthcare

Applying for a UK visa

The first step in migrating to any country is getting a visa, which will grant you access to the UK. The application process can be done online by going to the website of the British Embassy. There are many types of visa applications, each coming with its various requirement and fees. Since you seek a permanent migration, you will need to be able for a permanent residency visa. This visa takes quite some time to be approved, and the earlier you start the application, the better. If you happen to find yourself in certain countries such as Switzerland, you will not need a visa to be allowed into the country. Certain areas have the advantage to places with the EU or EEA have access to free visas and work permits. The requirement to apply for a permanency residency can also include whether you have spent a certain amount of time in the UK before.

Drawing up a budget

Creating a budget plan is necessary to ensure the smooth organization of all the activities to ensure your migration to the UK is possible. Take into consideration factors such as; flight tickets, accommodation, food, and various necessities to make your living in the UK comfortable. Get to know the tax system in the UK; income tax rates are deducted on progressive terms, meaning the more you earn, the more you pay and vice versa. For example, living in the south of the UK is more expensive than living northern part of the country. The average cost of living is 2249 Pounds per month for an individual and  3,803 per month for a small family.

Find an Accommodation

It is advisable to start searching for accommodation a week before your arrival; this will save you time and money. This will help you get better housing, which fits within your need and budgetary limits. Suppose you cannot search for accommodation before migrating into the UK. In that case, you can start by living in a hostel, which is less cheap, and then after that looking for accommodation of your choice. Accommodation rates in the UK are based on factors such as location, size, and the number of bedrooms.  A one-bedroom flat averages about 758 pounds or $1000 per month within certain big cities and 614 pounds or $810 outside the big cities

Finding a Job

Since you are moving permanently, you will need a job which will sustain you. You can get a job based on your career, or if you do not have any career, your fluency in English could make you employable. Looking for a job when you arrive newly is not easy, it could take days and probably weeks. Luckily, there are many ways of finding jobs; specific sites such as or could offer great assistance. You can also go to the British Embassy, and they would be willing to help you get a job and settle down.

Getting healthcare

Healthcare in the UK is free for all permanent residents in the country. You will have to apply to be accepted into the National Health Service scheme, which will enable you to enjoy certain perks. Healthcare in the UK is paid by the taxes deducted on its citizens’ income at an 18% rate. Visas and immigrants applicants under 18 will have to pay 470 pounds to be allowed into the National Health Service health.