As a small business owner, you’ll know how important it is to get your brand in front of the right people. Brand visibility is how you attract new customers and drive the sales that take your business to the next level.

You should always aim to grow your brand awareness online because it helps users find your company independently. Plus, it’s essential for building a positive brand reputation with your target audience.

So, how can you increase your online visibility? Let’s look at five expert tips for growing your brand’s online presence to increase web traffic and drive conversions.

1. Devise a PPC advertising strategy

Pay per click — or PPC — advertising is an online promotional tactic that requires marketers to pay a fee every time an ad of theirs is clicked. It also allows you to target a specific audience based on different keywords, geographical locations, and even the time of day that customers search for your products or services.

This is an excellent approach for improving your company’s online visibility, since it’s cost effective and gives you a lot of control over who you’re trying to reach. Plus, you can choose whether you wish your ads to be displayed on relevant search engine results pages or the social media platforms you know your audience loves.

To get a better return on your PPC ad spend, you should:

• Do some keyword research with Google Keyword Planner if you want to place PPC ads on Google, or do research within the social media platform of your choice to ensure you’re targeting the phrases necessary to reach your ideal audience.

• Design a strong ad with actionable copy and a persuasive CTA by mentioning the problem you’re trying to solve for your customers to encourage them to click.

• Optimize your landing page by placing all the essential information above the fold to ensure customers can find the details they need right away. Your landing page copy should also include relevant keywords to help improve the Quality Score of your ads, and this can also lead to more conversions.

PPC marketing is a great option if you want to get in front of a specific demographic or type of customer while managing your daily budget and maximizing your return on investment. So, if you haven’t tried this form of marketing out yet, now’s a great time to do so!

2. Approach influencers with the right audiences

Influencer marketing is the practice of hiring popular content creators in your niche to improve your brand awareness, increase traffic to your site, and ultimately make more sales as they promote your products and services to their audiences.

Just keep in mind that the best influencer to hire may not be the one with the most followers, since influencers with fewer followers typically have a stronger connection with them. You can look at an influencer’s engagement data on various social media platforms to understand the average number of likes and comments they receive and decipher whether they’re going to be a good enough fit for you. Always choose an influencer with an engaged following who is known to use products or services in your niche to ensure the interests of their followers are aligned with what your business offers.

There are multiple ways you can run an influencer marketing campaign, including with:

• Sponsored social posts where influencers promote your products or services. This is the most basic form of influencer marketing since you pay the influencer a set fee for a certain number of posts.

• Affiliate marketing campaigns where influencers earn a commission for every follower who uses their code or link to buy your products. They’ll typically receive a certain percentage of the price of each item sold.

• Social campaigns where the influencer encourages followers to enter your contest to help raise awareness of your brand, collect prospective customers’ contact information, and show off what you have to offer.

To get the most out of this type of marketing, you’ll need to build influencer relationships that last. Take the time to ensure the influencers you choose fit well with your brand, and be clear about your campaign objectives and expectations to ensure it runs as expected.

By choosing the right influencer and campaign strategy for your company, you’ll grow your online presence and develop lasting relationships with new customers who will boost your bottom line.

3. Start publishing content your ideal customers want

Another great way to improve your brand’s online visibility is to publish the content your target audience wants. Content marketing involves publishing blog posts, ultimate guides, videos, comparison pieces, and more that will catch your target audience’s eye, earn their trust, and subtly push them towards making a purchase with you. It’s a great way to attract new clients and build up your online presence.

To create content that your audience wants to read, conduct some keyword research to see what kinds of information they’re already looking for. To do this, you can use a tool like the Ahrefs Keywords Explorer to understand what your customers typically type into Google and then build content around those needs. You can also look to industry forums to find common questions that your ideal customers ask so you can answer them.

For inspiration, let’s look at some businesses that effectively use their content marketing strategies to enhance their online visibility.

Keeping is a tool designed to enhance the workflow of customer support professionals. And, since it integrates with clients’ existing G-Suite accounts, the company offers helpful content to address common questions their customers may have about this.

For instance, the brand’s guide to setting up a Gmail shared inbox provides in-depth information about what a shared Gmail inbox is and what the benefits of a shared Gmail inbox are. This is a great way to offer valuable content that establishes Keeping as an industry expert, and it’s sure to help more relevant people come across the brand, as it answers common queries their target customers have.

You can use this strategy on your website by writing content that clarifies complicated terms or processes to help readers better understand what you do. And, the best way to do this is by providing in-depth information about topics that your audience is already looking into, and providing the answers to common questions they’re asking online.

Another company that offers great content its audience definitely needs is CMS, a call center and answering service provider dedicated to providing professionals with solutions to ensure their businesses are available 24/7.

Since business owners will often require a tool to help with their employee attendance tracking, Continental Message Solution has created an in-depth piece of content that answers any questions their prospective clients might have about this. They cover what a point-based attendance system is, what the goals of setting one up typically are, and how they work. Because CMS is trying to reach people who run companies and who are likely to have pain points in this area, this detailed guide is likely to be very valuable for helping them to reach their ideal audience.

As a result, this piece of content should drive lots of qualified traffic to the brand’s website and generate a lot of sales for the company. So, think about what kinds of pain points your customers have on a day-to-day basis, and create content that addresses them. These problems could be closely related to your area of work, or they could just be very relevant to your audience base. This will then help you to climb the SERPs for relevant queries, build trust with your ideal clients, and secure their business.

Finally, CVmaker is an online resume writing service provider that aims to help clients secure their next job. And, they have a detailed guide to writing an elementary teacher resume.

This article provides lots of examples for teachers to follow and offers tips for making a great resume, which include using bullet points and highlighting past successes readers have had in the classroom. CVmaker does a great job of providing actionable insights for elementary school teachers looking to improve their resumes, which will help their target audience succeed in their next job search.

You can use this strategy of targeting a specific segment of your target audience with ultimate guides and how-to guides to help your readers answer common questions and access other information needed to achieve their goals. This will help you increase your online visibility as more people find your content useful, and the information can help you drive more sales.

4. Identify the social media platforms you should be on, then stay active

Social media offers a great way to improve your company’s online visibility. Not only does it provide the perfect place to entertain your followers, but it also offers a way to  share information with your audience about your industry and answer common questions they might have.

To choose the best platforms for your needs, you should first think about what you’re planning to share and who you’ll be trying to reach. For example, Instagram is a great option if you are trying to reach younger generations, but you may need to use LinkedIn if you are trying to get in front of professionals. You could also look at your competitors and what kinds of approaches are working for them to get some inspiration. Plus, you’ll need to think about what kinds of content you’ll easily be able to create. Of course, more visual posts are ideal for Instagram and TikTok, while written content is best suited to platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

Once you decide which platforms to focus on, you then need to ensure you stay relevant on social media. You can do this by:

• Connecting with your audience by responding to comments and commenting on posts that your customers have tagged you in. This shows that your business is active and that you care about the needs of your customers.

• Paying attention to current trends and relevant hashtags to keep your brand in the conversation. Hashtags can improve your visibility on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and you can use a tool like to find the right ones for your needs.

• Posting when your audience is most active, and sharing content a few times a week to avoid brand fatigue. Check your analytics for each platform to see when your audience is engaged and try to time your posts based on this data.

To ensure your social media efforts boost your online visibility, it can also be helpful to use a social media scheduling tool. This will help you plan out your posts throughout the month so you are not scrambling to figure out what to post on the day. This can also keep your entire marketing team aligned on your goals to help engage the right audience and improve your online visibility.

5. Look for guest blogging opportunities that will raise your profile

Out of all the incredible marketing ideas circulating today, guest blogging is a great one for any size of business.

Guest blogging is the practice of writing a blog post for a different website in your niche. It can help improve your online visibility by allowing you access to that site’s followers. It also allows you to build links back to your site, which will drive qualified leads right to your landing pages.

To find the most fruitful guest posting opportunities, look for credible websites in your niche that have a history of publishing great content that gets engagement from readers. Then, you can reach out to the editors with a friendly email to introduce yourself and explain what you want to write about, as well as how that topic will help their readers. This approach is ideal because it will help you build solid relationships alongside securing guest blogging opportunities.

Guest blogging will help you improve your online visibility because, as more prospective customers see your name mentioned across industry websites, they’ll become more familiar with and will begin to trust your business. This means you can benefit quite a bit by reaching out to industry-specific websites and pitching your content ideas to educate and entertain their audience while also building your online presence at the same time.

If you want the benefits of guest posting without having to do all the writing yourself, you could even use a guest posting service that will help you find relevant websites and put together the necessary content. This will save you time while ensuring you get the best results possible.


Online visibility is about more than just being seen online. It’s about building your brand’s reputation and getting your website in front of the right people.

You can use these tips to improve your online visibility and drive more sales. Be sure to write content that speaks to the needs of your target audience, engage with your customers on social media, and use guest blogging to improve your online reach. In time, you’ll see a steady growth of qualified traffic and leads while also building your online presence for long-term success.

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Author: Adam Steele has been writing about digital marketing and SEO for 11 years. He’s consulted for businesses small and large, including several of the largest companies in the world. If you liked this post, follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn for more like it.