A strong corporate culture focuses on the main aspect – people. Even if you create values and mission for your company, it’s ultimately your employees who have to live by it and bring it into action. This takes place by nurturing a cohesive team that is willing to trade creative ideas with the organization. 

Advantages Of Company Culture Training

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages you gain out of corporate culture training:

Helps retain talent:

Workplace culture is not just about great enticing talent, but also retaining them. When organizations have a poor work environment, most employees start looking for a shift in their job. Building trust in the work environment helps in energizing the company culture.

Boosts motivation level:

With high levels of trust, employees feel motivated to innovate and be more productive, as they have lower stress levels. At the same time, it’s essential to create fun opportunities for your employees to understand the company culture and get to know one another.

Company Culture Training Activities 

To improve the world of work, making use of interesting company culture training activities is effective. Creating opportunities for bonding is not a costly affair. Here are some excellent company culture training activities that you can implement. 

1. Invite a motivational and influential speaker:

To start a weekday with a certain amount of inspiration, it would be great to hire a motivational speaker to come over to your office. Your team will surely benefit from this team-building seminar or creative training workshop, as it improves their relationship with their teammates.  

Moreover, an organization’s employees will feel grateful that they’re allowed to learn from experts and grow individually. It will enable them to emerge from their experiences with more focus and enthusiasm to strive harder to better the organization.

2. Start a learning or professional development club:

Encourage your employees to stay more focused and engaged with their work and ask them to think innovatively. For this, you can start a club for learning where employees can pick videos or books associated with their tasks. This will help them to enhance their knowledge and, at the same time, enjoy their task. 

Next, you can select a day where everyone can gather in a conference room to discuss the ideas they gathered and how to implement them in their work. You can change the meeting location to outdoor facilities, create customized group T-shirts, and order various snacks and drinks to create more bonding opportunities. There are numerous ways in which you can make your learning club more unique for your team. You can name the club based on any unique theme or inside joke that only your teammates are aware of. 

3. Create a ‘bring your dog to the workplace’ day:

It wouldn’t be fun to skip this event, which is one of the top company culture training activities that is making its rounds in most leading firms. It requires a sufficient amount of guidelines than most other activities, but worth the effort. Most pet keepers consider their pets as part of their family. Hence, allowing them to meet their teammates and visit the workplace will create lots of fun for the entire company. This also helps improve company culture as you get to know one another on a different level. 

However, it’s advisable to conduct proper research on the policies in place for pets set by the organization. It’s also recommended to write down certain basic rules before you take this initiative. Decide in advance which day the pets can visit and set limits for the pet visitors to a manageable figure for your workspace. In case certain employees are allergic or find the arrangement uncomfortable, provide them with opportunities to work remotely on dog days. If you’re planning to have an open floor arrangement, you can designate a specific room as a ‘dog office.’ 

To make things more memorable, you can snap pictures of the owners with their pets and feature them on the digital community platform. You can also ask those employees who cannot bring their pets to submit their images as well. 

4. Play musical chairs:

In most modern workspaces, employees technically do not require a permanent place for sitting. For sure, everyone needs a home-base where they can come and do their tasks daily. However, they do not have to sit in the same spot for years. Consider moving the employees regularly, so that everyone can experience different parts of the office and interact with their coworkers.

Here’s a fact! Having a few interactions in the pantry will not create a close bonding between employees. Instead, spending 6 to 7 months as desk neighbors can create lasting bonds. 

In addition to enabling your employees to work with individuals they haven’t worked with earlier, you can also play musical chairs to keep them more excited and engaged. This helps create the mindset of change that helps bring up new ideas or solve issues they have been tackling for long. 

5. Gamify huge projects:

Now and then, each organization will encounter a massive task at hand. This may require all the firm’s individuals to join hands together to complete the task on time. Month-end inventory days or routine tedious tasks are suitable for this activity. 

You can make these tedious tasks enjoyable by turning it into a game. Allocate cross-departmental teams to collaborate with members who usually do not work together. Ensure each team has an expert who can handle queries to avoid any interruption to the smooth flow of work. Offering awards or incentives to the winning group will motivate them to provide accurate results. 

Final Thoughts

With a great deal of imagination and minimal time investment, you can implement most of these corporate culture training activities. Remember to gather feedback from the employees after each event. This will help make necessary alterations for the upcoming strategies. 

You can also ask the employees to suggest ideas for the next event, as it helps in strengthening and energizing the company culture. By focusing your attention on actively engaging employees in fun training activities, you will achieve better retention rates and high productivity. It will also enhance your organization’s success in the market.