In the United States, there are about 68 million people who have poor credit.

If you fall into that category, you’ll soon realize that it’s very hard to apply for loans, find a house or apartment to rent, and even apply for new credit cards.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to fix your credit fast. Read our guide to find out how!

1. Make Smaller Payments Throughout the Month

Most credit cards only require you to pay your bills once a month. However, if you have the money, you should make smaller payments throughout the month.

This can help keep the balance on your credit card down and decreasing how much debt you have.

When you do this, it affects your credit utilization, which affects your credit score in a large way. To track your credit utilization, you can use most sites that will track your credit score.

2. Pay Your Bills on Time

If you can’t make smaller payments throughout the month, you should make sure that you at least pay your bills on time.

When people view your credit report and score, they want to know if you’re reliable with paying your bills. This is a good indicator for them if they’ll receive their money on time from you.

Therefore, paying your bills on time will make your credit score slowly start to go up. It’s not just your credit card bill you should pay on time though.

3. Increase Your Credit Limit

Your credit limit is how much the banks are willing to loan you. If you make more money, they’ll likely increase your credit limit.

If you can’t pay down your credit right now, you could try and ask your creditor for a limit increase. However, you shouldn’t do this too often.

Asking for a credit limit increase too many times can actually hurt your credit score as well.

4. Don’t Close Your Credit Cards

If you opened a new credit card, don’t automatically close all of your other ones.

Instead, you should keep them open because it will keep your credit utilization lower. When you close it, you make the limit that you have across all credit cards to decrease.

Just put them in a drawer somewhere to avoid using them.

5. Manage What Debt You Do Have

If you do have some debt, you should make sure that you’re managing it effectively. You want to keep your balance low, whether it’s a credit card or any other type of loan you have.

If you need to apply for a loan, you might realize that it’s difficult with bad credit. However, it’s not impossible.

To find out how, read more here!

Discover More Ways to Fix Your Credit Fast

These are only a few ways to fix your credit fast, but there are many more things you can try!

If you’re new to the financial world of credit cards and loans, it can all seem really confusing and overwhelming.

Thankfully, we’re here to help you navigate through it all. If you enjoyed this article, make sure that you explore our website to find more just like this one!