In my time as a co-founder and business owner of Bodify, there are countless lessons and insights that can be gleaned from years of experience in the health and wellness industry. From networking and connections with clients to an honest love for the services and products that make up the world of health and wellness, my journey as Bodify’s co-owner has led me to five takeaways that are essential to anyone looking to establish and grow their brand in the health and wellness space.

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Prioritize Authentic Connections

One of the key factors in creating a successful career in the health and wellness industry is building authentic connections with clients. Treating each person as an individual with their own unique needs and personal experiences is crucial. By taking the time to listen and ask questions, we are able to come up with meaningful solutions that resonate with our clients and actively change their lives. We don’t see our clients as “one size fits all.” Instead, we acknowledge the need for a personalized and tailored approach to wellness for each client that walks through our door. Clients can often feel when you’re just trying to get the job done. This is a recipe for a non-returning client.

Develop a Deep Connection to the Industry

Building on top of prioritizing authentic connections, you can’t come into the industry and be successful without true belief in your “why” and the services you’re providing. The difference between a returning client versus a one-time client is the way you make them feel. If someone doesn’t feel like you believe in what you’re selling them, they probably won’t return, regardless of the results. Bodify was built from a perspective client’s view. We knew ourselves if we were getting coolsculpting or Morpheus8 treatments, we’d want to go to the experts, who can share quality before and after photos so we would know what to expect and whether or not the treatment was worth it. It’s important to share personal testimonials about why you believe in what you do and the mission behind why you’re dedicated to great results for the customer.

Embrace Education-Based Marketing

Generating leads is important, but nurturing those leads and turning them into satisfied clients requires a strategic approach. The value of education-based marketing is the difference between a long client roster and a short one. When consulting with clients, having the ability to provide valuable, relevant information guides them along the path of self discovery. By educating clients, professionals can build trust and establish themselves as experts in their specific field. No question should be left unanswered.

Curate a Memorable Client Experience

Creating a memorable client experience is often overlooked but is essential for success. Acquiring new clients is costly, so focusing on retaining existing clients through exceptional service is vital. At Bodify, we deconstruct every interaction point and brainstorm on how we can make it better and go above and beyond, outside the realm of typical industry services. At Bodify, we provide a “Man Cave” for our male clients, complete with cold beverages, leather seating and three flat screen TV’s to watch sports or play video games. For all guests, we provide a spa-like feeling facility with complimentary beverages, cozy rooms and flexible hours so clients can relax during their visit. These interactions leave clients feeling valued, cared for and special. By curating a positive experience, industry professionals can foster loyalty, referrals and positive reviews.

Build and Empower Your Team

As a leader, your team is a reflection of you. Additionally, employees are another interaction point that your clients come in contact with during their visit. It is important to create processes and systems that allow team members to thrive and perform their job to their fullest. Hiring the right people, providing training and resources and empowering them to excel is, in our opinion, a nonnegotiable for the success of a business. By trusting in the abilities of the team, businesses can expand their reach and impact.

Being a business owner requires a combination of passion, knowledge and commitment. At Bodify, we are focused on building meaningful relationships and experiences, committing to further education and constructing an intelligent, caring team. We have no doubt that if you follow these insights, your business will thrive and you will discover how rewarding it can be to be a business owner.

Author: Jessica Stellwagen is the co-founder of Arizona’s leading CoolSculpting boutique, Bodify. Alongside her sister, Melissa, Jessica leads the bodysculpting industry, helping individuals attain their body transformation goals. After her advanced training at CoolSculpting University and the elite CoolSculpting Master’s course in Pleasanton, CA, Jessica has facilitated thousands of CoolSculpting and Morpheus8 procedures. She is committed to ongoing advanced CoolSculpting training, serving as a National Preceptor and honing her craft to get visible results for Bodify’s clients.