Aside from an excellent product or service, you should know that your employees are the most valuable asset to your company. In this era of digital transformation, essential employees are no longer just composed of the usual accountants, salesmen, and HR staff.

To adapt to an ever-changing business environment, entrepreneurs need to step up their online presence. To that end, these are five professionals who must be part of your Arizona workforce to ensure that your business can dominate both the local and international scene.

1. Customer Relations Manager

While it’s crucial to keep your employees happy, it is equally important to ensure that your customers are satisfied. You might think that all you ever need to do to keep clients happy is to offer excellent products and services. Of course, it’s never a bad idea to focus on that.

However, if you notice that your customers aren’t that receptive to a product that you know is great, chances are, you need better customer service. Remember that no one likes dealing with a company that doesn’t make its clients feel cared for, and unfortunately, this is what happening… A lot of the time, companies are doing the right things the wrong way.

In order to address this, you need a quality customer relations manager that can steer the course for better relationships with your clients.

2. Cybersecurity Specialist

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is how to keep clients’ relevant and sensitive data protected. If you have a master database that contains business strategies, financial statements, and even customer information, you don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands.

If you’re not careful, such cybersecurity threats can cost you thousands of dollars and might even get you incarcerated should a data breach happen under your watch. You can avoid that mess if you hire a team of cybersecurity specialists that will make sure you have protection against cyber attacks.

3. Data Privacy Officer

While a cybersecurity specialist generally ensures the safety of your data from outside threats, you might also need a separate data privacy officer tasked to keep your business compliant with existing data privacy laws. If you’re dealing with highly sensitive data, you need at least one data privacy officer who regularly monitors all business processes for compliance.

Arizona has no law that requires businesses to employ a data privacy officer to date, but having one is nevertheless becoming the new norm for firms that want to ease their pivot to digital business.

4. Social Media Manager

While we’re on the topic of navigating digital transformation, you will inevitably find out that nowadays, businesses have very slim chances of succeeding if they don’t maximize social media to get more traction, especially if your goal is to build an international clientele or customer base.

You might be able to attract local customers by sticking to traditional marketing services, but you definitely need a social media manager if you want to scale your business to reach international audiences.

As mentioned earlier, good customer service should be your paramount consideration as a business owner. Just imagine how difficult it would be for a foreigner to reach your company if you do not have an online presence, and you will quickly realize that having an in-house social media manager is no longer just a trend for millennial businesses, but an inevitable strategy for any firm who wants to thrive in this century.

5. SEO Expert

Beyond growing your social media presence, there are a lot of ways to increase the exposure of your business or brand online, and contracting blogger outreach services are one.

A good SEO expert doesn’t just write articles on your behalf — they are also capable of launching outreach campaigns by identifying quality websites in your niche and pitching article ideas to the owner of such sites. This allows you to sit back and relax while your brand gains more traction by the day.


Whenever your brand is cited or mentioned by an authority site relevant to your industry, you are bound to acquire relevant traffic to your website, thus increasing your client prospects list dramatically, and with little effort from your side.

With these five professionals at the helm of your marketing strategy, you can position your business ahead of the pack in terms of the digital game.