Looking to find the perfect place to have your wedding ceremony? Then check out our tips for finding the perfect small wedding venue.

Planning a wedding is an exciting and thrilling process. It can also be incredibly stressful to handle all of the moving parts and check off all the items on your wedding to-do list

Finding the right venue is one of the first and most important decisions you will make. The venue you choose will determine the style, mood, and budget for your special day. The right venue will also fit your personality and provide the perfect backdrop for your ceremony.

Fortunately, finding the perfect venue can be as simple as following a few, effective tips. If you are looking for a small wedding venue, this short and simple guide is for you. 

1. Determine Your Budget

The first step to choosing a venue is to determine your budget. By setting a budget, you can save time by weeding out venues you cant afford. If you are not sure how to set a budget, research the average cost of a small wedding and use that amount as your starting point. 

2. Consider the Theme of Your Wedding

The theme of your wedding should match the theme of your venue.

If you are going for a light and breezy beach wedding, a medieval-style venue is not going to fit your day. Carefully consider your theme and choose a venue that already fits the theme or has the resources to create the look you are going for. 

3. Choose an Appropriately Sized Venue

If you are having a small wedding, you need to look for small intimate wedding venues. A large venue will make your wedding look sparse and uninviting. Choose venues that have a max capacity similar to the number of guests you are inviting. 

4. Know the Layout of the Venue

Small wedding reception venues don’t have to be confined to a single room. Even with a small party, you can make use of gardens, walkways, balconies, rooftops, etc. The right layout will give your wedding an added layer of depth and interest while providing multiple backdrops for your wedding photos.  

5. Visit the Venue During a Real Wedding

Many wedding venues, like Lakeside Weddings and Events, will arrange for you to visit the space while a wedding is occurring. This is a great way to see the staff in action and get a feel for what will happen on your wedding day. Plan your visit during the day and time you plan to have your ceremony, such as a Saturday evening. 

Use These Tips to Find the Perfect Small Wedding Venue

By using these tips, you can find the perfect small wedding venue for your special day.

Start by setting a budget so you’ll know what you can afford. Consider the theme, size, and layout of a venue before making a decision. You should also meet with the director of the facility, and visit the venue during a real wedding to get a feel of how things will go. Follow your instinct when making the final decision.

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