A powerful hacker uses more sophisticated and powerful ways to infiltrate a server. But most people who may be able to break into your system and hack your server are not actually hackers, but people who have taken advantage of your carelessness. You can easily stop these people by doing the simple tasks that we will describe below.

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1. Check Browsers And It’s Plugins

The browser is the system window to the web world and users spend a lot of time in it. That’s why browser security is so important, and the first thing to do is to keep the browser up to date, which of course is not a difficult task at all, and most modern browsers do this automatically. You should also check for installed plugins regularly. These plugins usually have access to a lot of information inside the browser, so it is better to keep only the essential plugins you trust and delete the unknown and not so popular plugins.

To manage plugins, in the Chrome browser, go to More tools and then Extensions from its menu. In Firefox, go to the Add-ons section in the menu, and in Microsoft Edge, you can also look at the Extensions section through the menu. In these sections, you can disable or delete all types of plugins with just a few clicks.

2. Be Careful About Your Downloads

Speaking of browsers, we must say that to increase the security of Windows, always be careful about downloading files and installing programs on your computer. As much as possible, use popular programs and download them directly from their official website. If you have to install an unknown program, first search the Internet for the name of the program to find out its history.

Also, after downloading, do not click on the buttons too quickly to install, because many of these programs install other programs next to them that you probably do not want to install. Also, check regularly for programs that are installed on Windows to remove programs that are no longer in use.

If you are a torrent user, it is better to use popular sites to find the files you want and take a quick look at the submitted comments before downloading them. Because some of these files contain malware or the file you are looking for does not exist at all, In the comments section, other users usually point out such problems.

3. Check Programs Permissions

Like smartphones, Windows manages application permissions, and you can see what permissions each application has on Windows. To increase the security of Windows and improve privacy, it is sometimes advisable to check the permissions of the installed programs to make sure everything is as you see fit.

In the Windows Setting section, go to the Privacy section. In the General tab, you can see the permissions of applications and sites, and to check the permissions, you can look at the relevant options on the left. For example, no app should have access to a microphone without a good reason. For each of these licenses, you can deny access to all applications or just license the applications you want.

4. Renaming Administrator Username

If you have used several different Windows Server, you will notice that the default username of most virtual servers is the Administrator. It is not safe that anyone knows the name of your server and in this case, all hackers know about this and you should change the username of your server. To do this, open the Run window by pressing Windows Key + R and type the following command.


In the Users section, right-click on the Administrator username and select rename. In the new window that opens, enter your desired username instead of the Administrator.

5. Change Remote Desktop Protocole (RDP) Port

Just like the username of the remote desktop port, it has a default value. The default remote desktop port is 3389. Most virtual server providers do not usually change this. To do this, you can use the following tutorial.


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There are many ways to secure your Windows VPS that you need to do most of them. But some of these methods that we have examined in this article are very simple and important and should be given priority. We hope you pay attention to the security of your server and the information inside it by doing the above tasks. We will be happy if you share your opinion with us.