Music is one of those forms of art that is admired by everyone. While earlier, only a few lucky chaps could get their art out there, with the rise of platforms such as Spotify, anyone can do so. Whether you are a solo artist, a band, or a record label, Spotify is a great way to launch and grow in the music in the music industry. If you have made the perfect playlist and want to know about the effective ways to get real and instant Spotify plays, stay tuned and read more!

1. Building up your brand image

Once you’ve your art ready, you need to build up an unforgettable image. Make sure to get verified on Spotify as an artist, add a slick display picture, and an interesting bio. Make a dope cover for your art as people are attracted to images that are aesthetically pleasing. Create your own playlists and share your playlists with other content curators so you can build your presence. There are various best Spotify playlists curators and they might take some time to reply, hence it’s important to submit your work to every single on them. Contacting music blogs and influencers is another effective way as they already have an audience for different genres and you can have an umbrella platform where your work can be shared amongst people who are already into your genre. Some of the music blogs may include SubmitHub, Popjustice, etc.

2. Showcase your work on social media

When it comes to building a proper fanbase, social media and Spotify are complementary. Instagram and Spotify almost go hand in hand and hence, one should not compromise on social media marketing. Put out your work on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. Join dedicated groups and forward your Spotify link to them. Sharing on Instagram Stories can make a huge difference as it links out the song/podcast in the story itself, and even adding a snippet along with the clip can make it more appealing. Having your music in montages and being on shazam can also help you get real and instant Spotify plays. Share around 50-60% of your song on YouTube with an interesting video, and ask the users to check Spotify for the remaining song. Advertising with your personal network is just as important! Plan your campaigns well and continue plugging until you reach your goal!

3. Increasing engagement and collaborations

It is very important for artists to engage with their audience so people can connect to your art in a more personal way. You can take up their requests, repost their edits, and express gratitude for the support you are getting. It is also important to engage with other artists. You can do so by supporting their work, sharing their art, sharing your art with them, and most importantly, collaborate. Collaborating with other artists can help you attract their audience. You can also collaborate with restaurants or café to promote yourself by gigs. Do not forget to credit other people’s work, even for the smallest tasks. This way the track is also displayed on other artist’s work, thereby increasing your audience.

4. Utilizing Spotify features

Spotify has a number of underutilized features that can help artists effectively get real and instant plays. Always remember to enable Pre-save so your fans that save your unreleased track in their library and play it as soon as it’s out. Artists also have Spotify codes which can make your playlists more easily shareable. Your playlist code can be attained by clicking on “…” and you can save your code to the camera roll and share it. Spotify for Artists is another underrated feature. All you need to do is submit your song 2 weeks before to S4A for being one of the 30,000 Discover Weekly or Release Radar. Joining the Spotify community also help you post your playlist to Spotify Playlist Exchange. Here, you can find a number of artists. Don’t hesitate in liking and commenting on their work!

5. Consistent actions, consistent results

If people like one song/podcast of yours, it is implied that they will expect more hits from you. However, people lose interest very easily when they notice the inconsistency. As a newbie artist, it is advisable to release more singles initially over a period of some months than albums so people can associate with your work more. This will give your fans a reason to check you out on a more frequent basis.


Spotify has proven itself to be the land of opportunities for new and existing artists. We have given you some must-follow tips to increase your fanbase on Spotify in no time. Now all you need to worry about is creating great music!