Out of all the well known online media platforms, YouTube is the second-biggest coming in at 1.5 billion viewers. YouTube is vastly turning into the new TV. Advertisers who use YouTube are frequently looking for strategies to organically increase views for their YouTube videos. After all, what is the point of uploading a video, if nobody is going to watch it, right? The History of YouTube is very intrusting and it has emerged as one of the best social media platform for young Talent.

YouTube has made numerous obscure bands as Rockstars in the psyches of their viewers. So, if your videos are not getting enough views, there is a decent possibility that you are missing something essential in them, as the rivalry is not at top levels on this media platform right now.

In this post, we will help you understand a few strategies that you can use to produce more views for your YouTube videos. Furthermore, this is going to cost you not so much as a dime (well definitely ten minutes of your life!).

5 steps to increase YouTube views organically

1. Make sure to do proper keyword research

YouTube’s algorithm considers keywords in the channel description, video titles, video descriptions and hashtags. Ask yourself: what is my crowd/target audience looking for on YouTube? Now take that information and think about the ways your crowd/target audience is searching for that content. Is it true that they are composing in “How to” or searching for something more particular and specific? YouTube SEO is very important to grow your channel and get the best rankings and results.

YouTube auto-suggest is an incredible spot to begin. Suppose your video is about styling tennis skirts with crop tops. YouTube auto-suggest gives bits of knowledge into what individuals regularly search and you can get a really smart thought of what to title your video, as well.

2. Make extraordinary video content

This may sound self-evident; however, it is something many individuals overlook in online media. If you need your videos to get more views and more noteworthy search results, you most importantly should make extraordinary content. If you can do that, creating more views for your videos will be a hell lot simpler. Individuals will share your video content on interpersonal organizations if that it is acceptable, so your viewers will wind up doing a ton of the limited time work for you.

Since I do not have the foggiest idea about your business or your crowd/target audience – I cannot let you know precisely what you ought to do, to make incredible content. But what I can let you know is this – incredible content gives remarkable degrees of significant value. Significantly, you do not become involved with inappropriate things, when hoping to make incredible content in the rush for getting more YouTube views.

Individuals regularly stress over video length and quality. Without a doubt, content length may matter, partially. In any case, would you say you are truly going to view a 1-hour video, even if it is giving tremendous worth? I am certain that you have encountered this for yourself – where you have watched a long YouTube video that was not excessively delivered, right to the end, since it was so useful. You may have even done that for an online course – which, one might say, is similar.

3. Continue to add more videos regularly

Any online media expects you to make quality content regularly and YouTube is no exemption. You have to turn into a trusted resource individual on this platform and the best way to do this is to make an expectation from your followers that they can acquire from you.

More videos imply more data and more connectivity with the viewers. Making video content regularly may squeeze your assets and time but, in the long run, it is worth it. Keep in mind, you have to keep up a similar manner of speaking all through your channel and any deviation from your centre skill will cause you to lose loyal viewers.

4. Create attention-grabbing thumbnails

These smaller-than-normal visual windows are the primary point of contact for your videos. Recollect how those delightful dog GIFs got your fancy? It is consistently advisable to go for a freeze shot ‘in motion’ or in-action rather a fixed object. However, ensure the thumbnail is not excessively agitative. Thumbnails ought to accentuate videos and the respective titles, as together they assemble a strong story.

5. Prepare a Playlist

Making a playlist on YouTube will place the viewers into the part where they could discover every one of your videos. This will assist you to present every one of your videos in a composed manner. A playlist can be of various segments.


For some, getting increased YouTube views is something that sounds mind-boggling and obscure. Ideally, after going through this post, you currently have a superior sense of what should be done, to accomplish the same. There are numerous ways to choose from. However, the most significant thing that you have to present is acceptable quality content. If you can deal with that, there is no uncertainty that everything else you do to get more views will be much simpler.