Facebook’s organic reach has hit a nosedive recently, But it is still the preferred place for 97% of Marketers to run paid ads.

Why? Because it boasts one of the largest user-base of social network sites and is still one of the most engaged hubs for Brand promotions. In other words, if you have an audience of any kind, there’s a zero chance of them not being active on Facebook already. Combining that with the fact that Facebook’s ad targeting is well-comprehensive and extremely fine-lined. It is clear why your business should still be putting their stakes on Facebook for public engagement and promotions.

Here are a few tips that you should keep in your mind if you are planning to organise a Facebook ad campaign.

1. Focus on the Target Audience 

The first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind is that decide the type of audience for whom you want to advertise. As the biggest advantage of Facebook ads is that it focuses on the audience which is most likely to buy your product. Running

For this, you can use Facebook Insights. It is a tool which can help you in understanding your Facebook audience better. FAI shows the aggregate information of three groups of people:

1. The audience who are connected to your Page

2. The People in your Custom Audience

3. The audience who are connected on Facebook

It will help you create more meaningful content to find more people in your targeted audience.

2. Decide your Ad strategy

Many options can help you while trying to maintain a base for marketing on Facebook. But the one thing that can help a lot in making a plan on what strategy you are going to use according to your product and the audience that you are targeting. Some of the strategies that you can use for a perfect Facebook ads campaign are as follows:

Strategy 1: Convert an interesting piece of content into a video ad

Every brand has a few pieces of content that help them drive most of the traffic every day. Now, all you need to do is create that small piece of content into a short video with attractive slogans and images which contains a small message about the key points of the content.

Strategy 2: Focus on your USP and Drive a direct sale

If you have a powerful USP (Utility Selling Proposition) with strong traits such as low price and significant attention because of the uniqueness of your product, there’s no reason for you to not opt a direct sales option.

Strategy 3: Think out of the box

You should not limit yourself with the boundaries of the web only. You can step up your business with the promotion of the offline purchases too. You can organize offline events and use lead generation to get the people to your store or dealership to experience your product in person.

There are many other ways to drive people’s attention to your product. What you need to do is to persevere on the path you have chosen as a marketing strategy.

3. Expand your reach 

To expand your reach all that you need to do is reach for Facebook Audience Insights.

Facebook Audience Insights provides us with a ton of valuable information which can help you in understanding your followers on Facebook. You can use the data to understand and analyze the points through which you can target potential new followers and customers. An interesting strategy that can help you the most in increasing your reach is that you can use the information it provides in learning who you are competing with on Facebook and then targets the audience or the existing fans of your competitors.

4. Test and analyze your campaign

Now, you have analyzed everything and planned accordingly, But what makes you sure that the marketing strategy that you want to use would work.

What is the basis according to which you know that the changes you have made in your strategy would help you gain more results?

For that, you must test the changes that you have made in your strategy. You must analyze your strategy and know if it would work for you or not. It can use A/B Testing for that purpose.

A/B Testing is a form of real-time testing that allows you to test even the smallest changes that you made in your marketing strategy and why you have chosen Facebook for marketing?

5. Track your performance 

Monitor the performance of your campaign in the Facebook Ads Manager Dashboard. If your campaign is not working well, you can invest in the one that does. It is the best option to check the performance if you are just starting, you can check the performance by running several ads on a small audience and budgets. And once you have observed the best option you can invest in that with more budgets and high audience.

All the strategies can work if you make the plans with proper research and strategies. If you have a product that can prove to be useful and useful for the audience. You can rest assured. With proper planning and good marketing, you can succeed.