We say living things are the only beings in this world who age with time, is it so? Interestingly, everything around you, be it your tech gadget where you must be reading this or even the couch or chair you are sitting on has a defined life. Rightly said, “time and tide wait for none”.

What if I said that your office or your start-up space where you work might have also aged and needed a change? Surprised! Well, wear and tear is a natural process so it’s not shocking if your office furniture also appears worn out. Your office might just need a good renovation. But, don’t worry. You don’t have to keep pondering about this decision, we have made things simpler for you.

Here are five sure signs that will tell you whether your office really needs a renovation:

1. Décor remains unchanged for a decade

Major scratches on the tables, chairs that keep breaking, sofa springs that have lost the softness and looks worn out – if you nodded your head with most of these instances, it is one of the prime signs that indicate that your office needs a makeover.

Your overall décor is what makes or breaks your workplace environment. So, if it looks outdated or too old, it’s a good time for you to consider renovation. Consider the reception area, restroom partitions, and other amenities in the office space for a better overall experience and increase the feeling of the work environment.

Whether it is the furniture, storage, or technology, making modern changes can do wonders in the form of productivity, boosting employee morale, and also creates an impact on the future potential employees or clients when they visit you. You can also explore BFX Furniture for some of the best furniture suggestions for your office.

2. Less Client Visit

Your workplace must attract new clients and not push away the existing ones. In short, do not make your workplace an embarrassment. If you observe that even your daily clients have started making excuses to not visit your office or prefer having meetings at their places; that’s a red flag that also declares the urgency of renovation.

In other words, you ought to create a space or environment that makes you, your employees as well as clients happy. Make sure you do not need to hide your workplace from the world.

3. Brand image is getting Lost

A workplace reflects the overall image of your brand. So, are you sure you are portraying the right brand image in front of the world? If not then it is again a major sign that you need to renovate not just your office but also your brand image.

Every office reflects its company values and team culture and every business has its own corporate culture. So, make sure your office is able to showcase your business philosophy, that is, who you actually are.

4. Employees look Discontented and Unsatisfied

The most important part of your company are the employees. They are like the backbone of your entire business and it is your responsibility to look after their welfare. If they by any chance aren’t satisfied or happy working at your workplace, you might experience stunted growth.

According to research, it was found that office interiors and décor create a high-impact on employee motivation levels. They spend their entire day at your space just to ensure that you grow. Hence, it becomes your responsibility to provide a comfortable, relaxing, and happy workspace for them.

5. Lack of Space

Did you notice that the storage closet and the new employee’s office resembles a lot? One major sign that you need to renovate your office. You cannot just afford to let your employees trip over each other because of a lack of space.

There should be free and smooth communication among your employees. At this time when collaboration is the key to the success of many multinational organizations, employees boxed away in offices and cubicles, takes away the entire communication and teamwork. So, make sure you have enough space in the workplace allowing the employees to move freely.

So, if you couldn’t relate to one or more signs in this think-piece it’s time for you to start renovating your office. All the best!