The Arizona Technology Council, in partnership with The Western Way, released a report today detailing how policymakers can incorporate energy innovation into Arizona’s plan for recovering from the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. Titled, Innovation and Clean Energy Industry Recommendations for Economic Recovery: Policy Options from Arizona’s Business Community and available for download here, the report outlines the economic benefit of energy innovation and specific recommendations for policymakers to integrate clean energy and clean technology initiatives into the recovery plan roadmap.

“Arizona has proven its ability to lead the nation in developing solutions for clean and renewable energy technology in a way that benefits our overall economy,” said Steven G. Zylstra, president and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council. “We now have a critical opportunity to open the doors for accelerating energy innovation even further as we plan our economic recovery. The report we’ve developed in collaboration with The Western Way outlines exactly how Arizona can achieve this goal and set an example for other states to follow suit.”

The report provides policy recommendations and tools to help leverage the strengths of Arizona’s innovation sector to benefit the economic and environmental condition of the entire state. Specifically, the group recommends:

1. Encouraging clean and renewable energy technology adoption

2. Investing in infrastructure and identifying opportunities for public-private partnerships

3. Planning for long-term integration of hydrogen into Arizona’s energy portfolio and economy

4. Supporting policies that encourage advanced manufacturing

5. Prioritizing clean and renewable energy opportunities by creating a state clean energy innovation office or designated clean energy innovation specialist at the Arizona Commerce Authority

“COVID-19 and climate change present unique challenges that we must address in order to ensure Arizona’s economic outlook remains strong,” said Doran Miller, state director of The Western Way. “As representatives of a diverse group of businesses and organizations committed to advancing our state’s thriving innovation sector, we’ve worked together to develop a set of recommendations to ensure it is an integrated part of Arizona’s post-COVID economic recovery plan.”

The Western Way, an organization that is working to drive free-market conservation policies in western states, launched its Arizona chapter in September 2018 and has worked across the public and private sector to advance the state’s clean energy initiatives. The organization contends that leveraging the leadership and innovation of the private sector requires smart public policy and effective public-private partnerships, like those outlined in the report.

Clean energy continues to be a key public policy initiative of the Council in its annual Public Policy Guide. To learn more about the Council’s efforts in clean energy, please visit its Public Policy page at