This season is an important one for the Phoenix Suns. They’ve got a lot to prove after the ups and downs of the past 12 months, and fans will want to see them capitalize on the momentum and goodwill they gained in spite of their imperfect playoff performance.

So as the new season approaches, here are a few important facts to know about the Phoenix Suns to help cement yourself as a knowledgeable fan.

They’re a unique franchise

Phoenix is a city with an impressive sporting pedigree, and the Suns are an intriguing proposition for several reasons in spite of this.

Beginning life back in 1968, they remain a standout member of the Western Conference Pacific Division for the simple fact that all of their rivals are located in California. This gives the Suns a unique Arizonan pride, and explains why they’ve got such vociferous and ardent support at home.

They’re keen to make trades

For the past few weeks, all sorts of major trade speculation have surrounded the Suns and a number of players.

Jae Crowder is the name most commonly linked with the Suns, and Bojan Bogdanovic has also cropped up in discussions of prospects who could join the team in the near future.

Where to get the latest Phoenix Suns trade rumors

Because NBA teams keep their cards close to their chest regarding potential trades, it’s best to sniff out rumors online where loose-lipped sources tend to leak juicy tidbits in advance of major announcements.

Check out sites that offer the latest and up-to-date NBA trade rumors for the Suns as well as all other franchises to stay in the loop.

They’re poised to make history

Fans know that the Phoenix Suns have had a rough time of it over the past decade or so, with a ten-year run without reaching the playoffs that wasn’t broken until 2020-21.

Since then they’ve just missed out on taking the NBA championship, and stormed into the playoffs in 2021-22, setting records in the process.

This tees them up for a potentially game-changing 2022-23 season; one which will build upon all they’ve achieved to date. Even the suspension of owner Robert Saver shouldn’t be enough to derail what is poised to be a special period for the team.

They’ve got stars to make other teams envious

While the Suns might have narrowly missed out on an NBA championship a few times over the years, they still manage to attract top talent, and more importantly to retain the big names that keep crowds coming in and keep the points rolling up.

Devin Booker stands out in this regard, not only for his performance on the court, but also for the celebrity clout he brings to the table. The summer renewal of his contract with the Suns for another four years, worth $224 million in total, is evidence enough of this.

They can’t afford to take their foot off the gas

Earlier we talked about the importance of making the most of the momentum that was gathered last season, and the Phoenix Suns definitely need to think strategically about how they can build on the successes of the past, rather than letting a golden opportunity slip through their fingers.

It doesn’t take much for a franchise to fall from grace, even after clawing its way out of a substandard streak.

The weeks and days leading up to the start of the season will be instrumental in shaping the trajectory the team takes, so stay glued to reputable rumor sites to get the scoop on what’s set to happen.