Gone are the days when adding every trend to your closet was considered the height of fashion. Nowadays, the exact opposite is what we see on the runways.

Minimalism in menswear is everywhere, and it looks like it is here to stay. Here are four simple ways to incorporate it into your everyday style without sacrificing on expressing your personality. 

What is Minimalist Fashion? 

The key to minimalist fashion is to ensure that each piece you add to your outfit is intentional. Think of stripping back accessories and only wearing pieces with real value.

No need to have an expansive closet either – buy items that are high quality and devoid of any over-the-top labels and embellishments. 

Minimalist Essentials 

Pay close attention to the word essentials here. Minimalism is about decluttering your wardrobe and keeping items only that matter the most. While you can still wear a sentimental item, make sure it is well worth the space in your closet. 

Three Long-Sleeve T-shirts: Head over to Fresh Clean Threads to build this fundamental element of minimalism quickly and efficiently. The website offers premade packs with all the basics to make this step even easier for you. 

Five High-Quality Knitwear: Throw out any old sweaters that have holes in them; instead, invest in understated knitwear in neutral colors. 

Six Casual Shirts: Apart from your long-sleeve t-shirts, this category will be your most used. Make sure you are brutal here and only pick items that fit your personality while still being wearable. 

Well-Made Coats: You can easily stay stylish and warm with these two. We recommend adding a black and tan coat since these colors fit well into the minimalist aesthetic.  

Two Pairs Of Tailored Pants: While jeans are essential for everyone, those interested in minimalist fashion should note that the norm for this style is dark-colored pants, preferably in black. Most men usually only keep two pairs which they get tailored impeccably. 

Five Pair Of Shoes: This might hurt all the sneakerheads out there, but you should streamline your closet and remove all shoes that can’t easily be paired with all the items listed above. Aim for having at least one pair of dress shoes even if you don’t think you will get much use out of them! 

Color Palette 

We briefly mentioned that minimalist fashion lovers tend to opt for darker colors in pants, but this can be true for all items in your closet. Dark Monochromatic looks in black, grey, and blue are often paired with minimalism, especially on high fashion runways. 

While only opting for darker colors isn’t a must-have to embody this style in your closet, it does help aid the versatility and understated quality of minimalism. 

How To Incorporate Minimalism Into Your Closet? 

Now comes the fun part. If you did everything right, you should be left with items that can effortlessly be paired together for all occasions. You shouldn’t have to dig through your closet to create a complete outfit; if you find yourself still doing this, it’s time to streamline your wardrobe even more. 

The Exceptions 

While we truly believe in the power of minimalist fashion, there are some items you should keep in your closet, especially when you are new to the style. Practical things like workout clothes or formal wear required for the office should be reassessed slowly. 

And, of course, sentimental items. You don’t want to get rid of a sweet something from your childhood or a gift from a loved one in a rush to embody minimalist fashion only to regret it later. 

For the final thought, we think minimalism is ideal for busy working men who don’t have the time or energy to spend picking outfits every single day. This style gives them all the essential items they can mix and match effortlessly to look polished.