5 things to look for in a freight forwarding company

Freight forwarding is commonly used by many people for transporting their goods between two places. A freight forwarding company specializes in making the arrangements for the whole process. There are many freight forwarding companies operating currently around the world, offering many services thus making it easy and safe for your goods to reach their desired destination.

The whole process of freight forwarding seems dismaying if you are new to it or not much familiar with the process. A freight forwarder is the one who acts as an intermediate person between you and the transportation services. For this reason, he/she should be a trustworthy person because they deal with various other carriers for price negotiation and look for the most economical package for you.

When looking for a freight forwarding company, you should take the following into consideration to ensure your cargo reaches safely and easily.


The freight forwarder should have a broker license. The broker should be authorized and capable enough to in carrying out negotiations for you. This is equally important for both local and international flights.

• Good credit background

It is vital to know that your freight forwarding company has good management and is financially stable. Nobody wants to face a delay in their shipments just because a freight broker was not able to pay for the carrier. Any delay can put the burden of extra charges on your shoulders for eg detention.

Experienced freight forwarder

If a freight forwarding company has been in business for a long time, it’s a good indication that it already has faced a lot of challenges before. It also reflects it’s experienced if it has been around for many years. Look for a company that has its backs set years ago because they have already experienced maximum challenges and difficulties while dealing with both international and local flights.

Freight broker should carry cargo insurance

Look for a freight forwarder having cargo insurance different from the cargo insurance in between the freight forwarder and the freight forwarding company. In case if something goes wrong during cargo transportation, the broker and the carrier will shoulder accountability.  Look for error insurance, which is distinct from the insurance coverage that only incorporates the damage of cargo and its loss.

Proper Documentation

Your freight forwarder should be a responsible person and should provide complete documentation when handling cargo. Freight forwarding is accompanied by a lot of documents, paperwork like commercial invoice, inspection certificate, bill of lading contract, export packing lists, etc.  It is essential that you are provided with all these documents to ensure your goods reach safely without any difficulty to their destination.

Apart from these above-mentioned things, one thing that should really look for is good customer service reviews by existing clients. The reviews will help you to find the most appropriate and trustworthy company easily.