With the need for more environmentally friendly energy sources, scientists are racing against time to ensure that they develop the most efficient source of energy.

As it stands now, biofuels are the leading contenders. Biofuels are fossil fuel alternatives that are made from organic material such as plants or used cooking oil.

Having been in the market for a while, biofuels are popular as alternative vehicle fuels. However, they also have other uses that are not as popular.

Here are some pertinent areas that are ready for the use of alternative fuels such as biofuels.


For the period that biofuels have been in use, this is the most popular area in which they have been applied to. They have come in to replace the carbon producing, ordinary fossil fuel that vehicles use.

Environmental research has shown that vehicles and their emissions are a major polluter of the environment. Many transport companies, seeking to make a contribution to a cleaner environment have opted to use biofuels as their major source of fuel for their vehicles.


Air travel, just like using roads is a major environmental pollutant. Aviation companies have faced pressure from many environmental activist groups.

This has led to airlines and other companies involved in fuel marketing and production in the aviation sector to invest in biofuel research, production and increased use.

Charge electronic devices

Extensive research is being carried to make manufacturing biofuels an alternative to electricity in the charging of electronic devices. Research is being conducted on how biofuel cells can be developed to be used for this purpose.


Heating is essential to many homes. Many homes use natural gas whose production has harmful effects to the environments. Biofuels can be used to replace natural gas as the main source of heating fuel in our homes.

Use of biofuels also ensures that our homes are environmentally friendly and have lower carbon emissions.

Economic empowerment to nations

The importation of crude oil or refined fuel oil leads countries to spend lots of their money and resources.

With easier to produce fuel, such as biofuels, countries can end their reliance on countries from which they import crude oil or refined fuel and gas.


There are many diesel and other fuel-based lubricants used in different industries for different purposes. Like every other fossil fuel product, they are harmful to the environment.

Biofuels are a significant alternative that represent lower costs and a better environment.

Cleaning oil spills

Oil spills are major accidents that occur every once in a while. When they do, they have serious negative effects on the water bodies and environment that the spill occurs.

Biofuels have been tested and proven to be effective cleaners of fuels and can be effective in cleaning up oil spills cost effectively and to the benefit of the environment.


Biofuels have numerous applications in the home and in industry. They are cost effective and environmentally friendly. With their numerous applications, widespread use will be beneficial to the whole world.