Doing teleconferences is fine, but if you have a solid business plan for a business in Arizona, nothing is better than getting a Business Visitor Visa (B-1) and making your pitch in-person to potential Arizona investors.

The B-1 program allows for short-term, business-related travel to the United States. However, the visa does not allow you to be employed or make money in the United States. To determine if you qualify for a B-1 or another type of visa program, you can visit You can apply for your visa at your closest US embassy or consulate. Then you need to complete the online application to schedule a visa interview.

At the interview, the officer will ask questions that will help them understand what your business plans entail in the US and Arizona. To get your business visa, it is critical to convey why you need to travel to the US to conduct business.

Here are some critical tips to follow to ensure that you get your visa:

Be As Specific As Possible

Tell the interviewing official as much as you can about your business proposal in Arizona. Also, tell him or her who your contacts are in the state.

It is helpful to provide a list of possible Arizona investors in your business and related contact. Be ready to answer any questions about your trip to the US and what your proposed business is all about.

If you are making a pitch to investors, you can point out how important it is to do so in person. Zoom and conference calls are great tools, but when you ask someone to invest thousands or even millions of dollars, a personal touch is vital.

Show You Have Strong Ties To Your Home Country

The official who interviews you will want to know that your trip to Arizona is temporary and has a specific business reason. To show that you will go back to your home country, you need to show what ties you to your native land.

Detailing all of the family you have at home and your career at home are essential factors to convince the officer that you will not overstay your business visa.

Also, it is recommended to have documentation of the property you own in the country. Copies of mortgage statements, property deeds, etc., are strong proof that you will return to your country when your visa expires.

Provide Supporting Documents

The US government does not require you to bring documents to your interview, they will undoubtedly help you make your case. Bring a copy of your business plan, as well as a letter from the Arizona company or investors that you are making your pitch to, as well as any other documents that support your travel to the U.S.

Honesty Is Key

Be straight with the interviewing official; they are trained to spot lies and exaggerations. Be truthful about your business and why you need to travel to the US. The officer will want to know why the business trip is essential; after all, much business can be conducted by conference calls or Zoom these days.

There Is No One Perfect Answer

You will obtain a business visa based on the information you give the official about your overall business plan and trip. There is no magic answer that will get you a visa. The best strategy to ensure success is to be straightforward and clear about why you need to make a trip to the US for your business proposal.