You have your mobile phone with two SIM cards inserted into it already. You use both of them for family and inner circle of friends. So the question is, “do you still need a disposable number for verification?’ The answer is absolutely yes.

Sounds unfamiliar to you, right? But the truth is, you need SMS verification numbers every time you register online. Whether you use either of the two of your existing contact numbers will do the job. However, the risk of identity theft is relatively high if you would give your real numbers as part of the registration. It may not be alarming to you, but you should know that every time you register or sign up online, part of your sensitive data is exposed to the public.

Then what does it mean? It means that you are voluntarily giving out some of your personal information, and this might also give way to cyber perpetrators to access your accounts and other sensitive data.

What is the best way to receive SMS verification online?

Good question! And since most people are not aware of the risk, it is good to know how to avoid something untoward to happen. Let’s analyze certain situations that might put your sensitive information at risk:

1. For most of our lives, our minds have been conditioned to share a piece of our data without any doubt or hesitation; and that is our phone number.

2. If you would notice, oftentimes, websites and apps ask for our contact number to verify our identity. And since you are reading this article, the next time you sign up or register online, ask yourself first. Is it worth the risk?

This question is essential particularly during these days of our technological advancement. Our landlines nowadays have already shifted to mobile devices which are obviously our most beloved tools. Some individuals can’t live without their mobile phones on their sides. Aside from that, our phone numbers become our intimate partner since we rarely change these numbers.

So, to be secured at all times whenever you sign up or register for online services, you should start using a disposable number for verification purposes. This is the best way so far to receive SMS verification online.

Why use a disposable number for verification?

Come to think about this. You utilize your mobile phone number at all times. Signing up on sites and online services or offers, or even logging into an app or online game on your mobile phone. When you forgot your password, your phone number can be an indispensable tool to reset your password or account, and there’s no argument on that part. And for added protection, your phone number is what you use for two-factor authentication to log-in securely into your different accounts.

However, when it comes to registration online or signing up for some irresistible offers on the web, we tend to give our contact numbers if asked, without fear or doubt. And unconsciously, you don’t have the slightest idea that it can lead to information from offline, which includes the place you live and more.

Again, think of it. Instead of your full name, your phone number has now become a strong identifier of yourself. If someone intently steals your phone number, then that cyber perpetrator becomes you. And that individual can start checking your accounts and the worst part is they can do this by having a password reset sent to your mobile phone. They can even trick automated systems like banks and other institutions pretending that they are you.

And the rest would be later on turn into a nightmare.

How to purchase a virtual number for SMS verification?

Acquiring a virtual number for verification is so easy and less expensive. But you should also consider the reliability of the service provider such as Hottelecom. Since your privacy is at stake, it is a must that you depend on a cloud-based service provider that you can rely on and have an established company.

To purchase a disposable number for verification, all you need to do is sign up on Hottelecom’s website, then refill your balance. After signing up, you have the freedom to choose that “one-time SMS number” on the section in your personal account. You can then use the said number for registration.

That is so easy and after that, you can use it to register for whatever online services and offers that might interest you.

Why use SMS verification numbers?

Some might think it is more than what they need, but the listed below will change the way you perceive a disposable number for verification.

• Your privacy is fully protected – yes, you read it correctly. You don’t need to worry that a hacker might obtain your sensitive information since a temporary number is not associated with your personal data.

• You can connect the number to your marketing campaigns – if you’re a startup and on a tight budget, you still know that it is not an excuse to limit your communication. On the contrary, you will be eager to promote your products or services locally or internationally via marketing and advertising campaigns. Using a disposable number will not only expand your image but it will also provide you the cheapest way of enhancing brand awareness to your target customers.

• Real-time management of messages – it would seem as if you’re receiving SMS through your real phone number. The difference is that you can easily distinguish which messages come from your disposable number and which are from the real one.

• You can connect to other countries – businesses don’t need barriers for expansion. Choosing Hottelecom to be your service provider will provide you the freedom to connect to more than 100 countries across the world – and within your budget!

As you see, there are numerous benefits that you can enjoy with SMS verification numbers. It is not just for verification purposes but with proper consideration, you can use them for your business enhancement as well.

The importance of SMS verification numbers should not be underestimated. This method of adding an extra layer of security prevents spam attacks, frauds, and any other unwanted messages. The next time you sign up for any websites or applications, consider a disposable number for verification.

Why Hottelecom?

Hottelecom offers virtual numbers in more than 100 countries worldwide. That statistics alone will give you the idea of how huge is Hottelecom’s network. Besides, we also have a wide array of VoIP services such as SMS numbers, Fax numbers, DID numbers, and many more!

Final Words

As we now all know, phone number verification is the method of verifying that a phone number is valid and accessible by the user. It is also the trending process to achieve an extra level of security. With Hottelecom, all your cloud-based communication needs are taken care of. The only thing that you should do is select the right one that would meet your telecommunication needs.

And if ever you are having a hard time selecting which one would best fit for your business, don’t hesitate to reach our Tech Specialists. They are more than willing to help you assess your communication needs.