Making your Facebook look attractive is a task that requires time, well-laid-out plans and effort. You must be aware of what is important to your brand image and what you stand for. Having a Facebook page without any idea as to what your brand represents, shows users that you do not care for their attention. All you need is great content and a lot of engagement and you can watch your page grow into the customer-hogging monster that you want it to be. How can you achieve this? All you need to do is make your Facebook page attractive and aesthetic, that would automatically attract people’s eyes.

Facebook, is a widely popular social network, and being one among millions is hard. Especially when you want people to see you. However, by making your business page look attractive you will be inviting a lot more users to engage with your content and it will gradually help you in marketing your business on Facebook. Consider why an attractive Facebook page is important.

• Attractiveness: The more attractive it looks, the more people are drawn to it.

• Aesthetic: it gives people pleasure to look at, thereby influencing them to make decisions of buying your product or service.

• Engagement: People will consume content more often.

• Sharing: If your posts, photos look good people are more likely to share it with other people.

Additionally, an attractive, branded page looks more professional, thereby amplifying the benefits of being on Facebook. Having effective Facebook posts are important. Here are five things that will make your page more attractive:

1. Creating a big, aesthetic cover photo:

Your Facebook page’s cover photo and profile picture are the first things that visitors see when they view your page. So, it must be beautiful, professional and must have a powerful impact on them. There are some ways to make the cover photo and your profile photo more attractive.

• Your profile photo must reflect your brand. It can either include your logo, or an edit relating to what your brand stands for.

• Including some texts in the cover photo, tells the visitors more about business. It can include your company’s motto, vision or tagline.

• Create a cohesive brand experience, your cover photos must include your entire logo or will be similar to your website header.

There are a lot of ways to make your cover photo and profile photo visually appealing thereby attracting more engagement on your Facebook page.

 2. Posting a lot of photos, images and videos

Posting the same type of content can become monotonous and people could lose attention. Break up posts, polls and links with other types of multimedia.

Any visual you create for your blog or specific media channels, such as videos for your YouTube channel, infographics for Pinterest, must also be included on your Facebook page.

Now, the question arises: What should you include in the photos, videos and images?

• People love to feel connected. Fans and customers want to observe the human side of the brand like your employees, some behind the scenes, other customers, etc.

• Show your company’s products in action. Use videos, photos, infographics, GIFs, etc to show what you do and help your fans connect and visualize the product more. One must also know how to write engaging Facebook posts.

• Memes are a great way to make your content go viral. People can relate and it even makes them laugh, which will make them feel good about themselves. Using images everyone makes it easier to recognize.

• By hosting and attending events, people are aware of who you are as a brand. Take a lot of pictures and behind the scenes to keep people in the loop, to let people relive that experience through these photos.

• Create images that could be your industry or process, infographics depicting statistics and information, testimonials from satisfied customers, excerpts from your blog will make for varied content to prevent your audience from being bored.

3. Use great thumbnail photos and descriptions with links:

People need a way to buy your product. Creating great content that is relevant to the content you curate, is an important fact to consider. But too many links, with poor or no thumbnail photos or description, quickly clutter your page and make it unappealing. You can simply use multimedia and other types of posts most often in addition to links. Additionally, you can also great thumbnail photos and descriptions with your links. Including great custom images with every blog post and articles that you have written. Writing powerful meta descriptions so that your website can rank better and entice a lot more users to click on your website.

4. Highlight important posts:

All posts on Facebook have a standard size. By changing up the size of your posts, it calls the attention of the user’s eyes and encourages them to engage with your posts more. Uniform post size makes the page boring. You can choose to highlight the posts to make them appear bigger and better. Editing them to look slightly different also works. Highlighted posts work well with attention-grabbing images of the standard size. These posts can include funny pictures, important slogans, etc. Small images will not resize properly, so having bigger pictures is better.

 5. Use your brand colors throughout:

You must use only your brand colors to keep it uniform and easily identifiable. If people know that your brand colors are white, red and black, make your posts look like that. Integrate those colors as the primary choice to keep it cohesive. Additionally, it helps draw visitors to your page and encourages conversation.

Making your Facebook page attractive is all about creating the right content to keep users engaged and coming back for more. Your page must be reflective of your brand and what you stand for.