Being one of the fastest growing platform in India, YouTube has been reported as the second largest search engine platform with gross highest number of users using the platform for entertainment, outreach, education and many more. With almost around 2 billion users on the platform, the digitalization of Indian telecom sector has led to sudden increase in users past 2-3 years. With almost millions of searches made every day, YouTube provides platform for not only viewers but also provides a solid ground to content creators. Content creators of different niche can showcase their talent and fascinate people who are interested in the similar niche. YouTube as a platform gives you chance to grow and earn accordingly. In order to accomplish those statistics, you need to have a significant number of views and subscribers. So in order to accomplish the perfect number you need to follow few steps which can help you to grow your business through YouTube significantly.

Here are some of the proven 5 strategies that could help you achieve the steady business growth on YouTube. So let’s get started:

1. Use Popular Keyword Titles

Right keyword may be one of those things which could be neglected by most of the beginner content creators. As per most of the highly paid content creators on YouTube, the right keyword is what makes the utmost difference. So using the right and the effective keyword can be one such way of increasing the number of views on your YouTube videos. A dull keyword can ruin the numbers of view even if the content is excellent whereas by selecting the catchy keywords for the title can do wonders. This can be analogous to the quote “First impression is the last impression”. So while selecting the right keyword for your video title, you just need research a little on the right keyword section while making the videos. It doesn’t even take much of your time, can do wonders if done in a proper way. Selecting a suitable keyword is very necessary to ensure more amount of traffic on the page and right viewership. Using the right keyword can ensure effective match with the YouTube search algorithms and hence as a result more users can be attracted to your channel. Just like the SEO done on most of the content on webpages, the similar SEO approach can be used here. Individuals can use any dedicated online keyword planner to find the correct keywords for the title for your YouTube videos. Dedicated online keyword planner can cross check the popularity of some of the most used keywords on YouTube and will help you optimize your video content and gain more YouTube views using such a simple step.

2. Use more Tags

May be you are selecting the right keywords and the content is also worthy, but still not gaining the correct traffic on your channel, the problem may be very limited tags. If you are attaching minimum tags in your video chances may be that your page might land up generating lower number of views on your content. So the simple solution for this problem is to combine more tags to your video content. Increasing the number tags can boost your video content and can made a much deeper outreach to such users who are searching for the similar content. This simple step could increase traffic on your videos and hence more people will watch your videos. You can understand this chronology in much easier way: Adding more tags, video appears in more searches, more viewers, and finally more growth of your YouTube channel.

3. Use Appealing Thumbnails

Just like the perfect keyword could do such wonder, similarly the right thumbnail of your video can boost the growth of your YouTube views. A perfect thumbnail can catch millions and millions of eye balls whether they are searched by viewers or shared on social media. All you need is a high-quality, appealing images that catch the views of the viewers. A perfect thumbnail might contain a readable font and the best scene in your YouTube video that is catchy enough to attract viewers.

4. Create Videos Playlist

If you go to the channels of some of the finest creators you will find one common thing in each of their channel i.e. “Organised Playlist”. One of such to increase your viewership of your channel is by creating an organised and ordered playlist of your created content. Creating a video playlist minimizes the chances that viewers would switch to another channel and hence this will increase the engagement of your viewers by keeping them on your channel. The best thing about an ordered playlist is that as soon as one video is ended, the next videos in the playlist gets automatically played and this increases the views on your channel.

5. Follow the Trend

Last but not the least is to follow the trend. If you go by the latest trend high chances are that your video can attract more viewers. Creators must keep a track of trends and try to make video content on those trendy topics. This will give you more number of views and hence help you to grow your channel on YouTube.

So in this article we have covered some of the major strategies that can be used to grow your business on YouTube.