5 tricks to make business travel pandemic-proof

Business News | 8 Sep, 2021 |

As travel resumes in the new normal, you cannot go slack with the safety precautions. Business flyers need to be extra conscious because they have to fly often and to different destinations. It makes sense to have a pandemic-proof travel strategy that keeps you safe even as you traverse the country or fly overseas. Fortunately, some simple measures can keep you on the side at the airport, on the flight, and at your destination. Here are the actionable tricks you can rely on.

Get your jabs on priority

Before anything else, get your vaccination on priority. You will need to show your vaccine certificates to travel. You may even have to show it at indoor concerts and event venues, so you must get it before flying. There could be guidelines regarding testing for some destinations, though vaccines have you covered. Not to mention, they offer protection against the virus, which is more important than anything else.

Choose your flights wisely

It is best to avoid crowds in the air and at the airport. They elevate the risk of contracting the virus. You can do it by choosing your flights wisely. Stick to non-peak hours like early morning and late nights to avoid traffic everywhere. You will not have to worry about social distancing when there are fewer people around. Moreover, you will not have to stand in long queues at baggage counters and security checks by choosing odd-hour flights.

Commute to the airport in your car

Another measure to pandemic-proof your next business trip is by using your car to commute to the airport. It enables you to curb the risk of infection you will face in public transport and cabs. The good thing is that you can explore the park and fly deals with onestopparking.com in most cities. You need not stress over finding a convenient parking space, which is one reason why people avoid commuting on their own. You can book online and get a safe spot to park your car for a few days.

Research your accommodation

You have the risks significantly covered with vaccination, less-crowded flights, and airport parking. But the threat may persist at your destination, specifically if you are not careful about your accommodation. Research the hotels at your destination and check the safety protocols they have in place. Read the reviews to get first-hand information from customers. Book only once you are double-sure about safety.

Pack essential supplies

Despite the vaccines, hand hygiene is still the best way to prevent the infection. You can do your bit by packing essential supplies of sanitizers and gloves. Do not forget to wear and pack face masks because they are the first line of defense against the virus. You will get them on the flight, but make sure you do not run short during the trip. Follow the precautions and stay safe.

Business travel is non-avoidable, so your best bet is to stay safe as you fly for meetings and events. Don’t let your guard down for even a moment because the virus is still strong and active.

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