In 2020, it was estimated the video game industry was worth $159.3 billion. That’s a lot of cash, and it marks the steady growth this industry has seen for over a decade.

How does this industry thrive? Gaming brands understand their markets and know how to speak to their customers.

If you want to understand more about the creative ways gaming companies advertise to their audience, keep reading! We’ll discuss their efforts and delve into why they work.

1. Gaming Influencers and Streamers

Gaming brands know the power of streaming. Live streaming can not only offer things like sponsorships, but it also offers up a new platform for traditional video advertising.

If a popular streamer agrees to play a particular game on their stream, that gaming brand immediately can have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of eyes on it.

2. Inclusivity

Most marketers feel they need to find a niche, but that niche has expanded to everyone with a phone in the gaming industry.

Think about the mobile gaming boom of the last few years. Gaming brands knew that everyone had a phone in their pocket. Many companies decided to start focusing on games for the phone instead of just consoles, and now mobile gaming is estimated to have 3.07 billion mobile players worldwide.

By making their games accessible to everyone, they opened up the market significantly. 

3. Content Marketing

70% of marketers invest in content marketing, and the video game industry is not an exception. Gamers don’t want to be exploited by obvious marketing and expect good content.

Gaming digital marketing services help plan distinctive, well-written content that won’t offend current gamers while bringing in a broader audience.

4. Using Their Highly Engaged Audience

The video game industry is not scared to use social media to get its message out into the world. They know where their audience is, and they go to them on YouTube, Twitch, etc.

Gaming brands know which social media platforms are best for them and use that to their advantage. Gamers are almost always plugged in, and they are more likely to engage and share content than the average person. That act of sharing gets gaming brands more organic views.

5. Focus on The Memes

Gaming brands understand the power of a meme to boost their brand awareness. They use humor and show their understanding of the audience and their personalities on an intimate level.

A recent example is Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil 8. Once the internet got a hold of her and transformed her into a meme, she was everywhere, and so was Resident Evil 8.

Twitter blew up, and dozens of articles were written about her. This gets your audience to market for you, and that is one of the best ways to gain trust.

Gaming Brands Are Ahead of the Curve

There are many marketing tactics that gaming brands use to ensure their product is at the front of the line. By understanding their audience and not being afraid of new ways to bring their message to the world, gaming brands show their appreciation for their audience.

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