Stepping into 2022, COVID-19’s presence still continues to linger around the world. That being said, it’s critical to remain mindful of the tech trends that drive digital transformation. MobiDev experts listed the most important healthcare technology trends that impact the industry in 2022.

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Trend 1 Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, machine learning is extremely helpful for the development of new pharmaceuticals and the efficiency of diagnosis processes. AI is helping analyze CT scans to detect pneumonia. Mentioning Mental health, MIT and Harvard University researchers have utilized machine learning to track trends and mental health in correlation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trend 2 Telemedicine

Telehealth is expected to grow to $185.6 billion by 2026. If you need a dedicated telemedicine app, one of the most important technologies that will be needed is WebRTC, an open-source API-based system.

Trend 3 Extended Reality

One of the most popular and useful forms of this technology is the use of mixed reality headsets like Microsoft Hololens 2 by surgeons. The headset can provide heads up information to the surgeon while allowing them to use both of their hands during the procedure.

Trend 4 IoT

The global IoT medical devices market is projected to reach USD 94.2 billion by 2026 from USD 26.5 billion in 2021. With the healthcare industry becoming increasingly more connected through these technologies, IoT cannot be ignored.

Trend 5 Privacy and Security

Ensuring your organization is HIPAA compliant, by including the implementation of a top healthcare CRM, is an essential first step toward avoiding costly data breaches. If you are serving patients internationally, it may be a good idea to consider the regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union.

Trend 6 Organ Care and Bioprinting

With the world’s transplantation market size predicted to reach $26.5 billion by 2028, organ transplants are certainly an important part of the healthcare industry. The Organ Care System developed by Transmedics is a great example. Bioprinting has been done in the past but has not yet hit the mainstream.

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