Sending certified mail can be very beneficial and a great way to send important communication. When you send certified mail, you will receive a notification when it has been received by the recipient and can also check the status of the delivery. This can make it a more secure and guaranteed way to send mail than other mailing services. When you are looking to send certified mail, a great way to do it is by sending it online through the use of online service, such as LetterStream.

When you are looking to send certified mail, doing so online comes with even more advantages. Sending the mail while using an online service can be helpful as you will be able to do so from the comfort of your own home while being able to avoid spending your time standing in long lines at the local post office. You also will not be subject to inconvenient hours. Further, when you do want to send certified mail online, you will find that the process is simple and easy and can be completed by anyone. There are various steps you will need to follow when sending online certified mail.

Get Your Document Ready

The first thing that you will need to do is ensure that your document is ready to be sent through the use of the certified mail online program. To use the online program, you will need to convert any document that you want to send into an electronic PDF document. It will be up to you to create and convert any documents, spreadsheets, images, or other items into this form so they can be easily uploaded. You can then quickly upload the document and the mailing service will take care of the rest including printing it and stuffing the right envelopes. It is important to know if there are any limitations for how many pages can be sent in the envelope.

Provide Proper Addresses

As you are sending certified mail online, you will also need to provide the addresses where you want the certified mail to go. If you are going to be sending the certified mail to just one recipient, you can usually quickly type in the correct address. However, the use of the online program is also an ideal option if you need to send out the mail in bulk or to a larger group. To do this, you will normally need to upload or fill out a spreadsheet that will contain all the names, addresses, and other vital information about the recipient’s destination.

Choose Delivery Option

As you are looking to send out certified mail when using an online service, you will also need to choose the proper delivery option. With online certified mail, you will have many options to consider. This can include choosing a quicker delivery schedule, requiring a signature upon delivery, and other tracking services. You should choose a delivery option that is ideal for your situation and meets your needs.

There are also different options and upgrades you can consider for the style of your printed document. This can include choosing to print on colored paper, using colored ink, choosing two-sided paper, or also providing a return shipping envelope. This customization is ideal as it will allow you to ensure you are happy with the final product before it is delivered to the recipient.

When you have an important document to send, using certified mail is a great idea. The use of certified mail will allow you to keep track of your important documents and be informed when it has arrived at their final destination. If you do want to send a certified document, you also can use an online mailing service. There are several tips to follow that can help ensure you are able to send out your mail as efficiently as possible by using the online service.