Growing your fan following on social media is a difficult and daunting task. Everyone wants a huge fan following on his social media account so he can be recognized as a social media sensation. However, no one knows exactly how to grow their social media audience. There are no exact rules or tips that you can follow and enhance your followers. However, it is not even impossible to do that. There are some unique strategies or tips like followerbeast real and active followers to help you grow audience on social sites.

9 Unique Tips to Increase Your Fan Following on Social Media

This article will tell you the 9 important tips that will help you grow your social media audience.

Select the Right Social Media Platform

There are many social media channels or platforms, and you cannot always be active everywhere to advertise your brand. Therefore, choose the right platform where you have more audience to engage yourself. Moreover, also check which social media users prefer to use. You can get this information through interviews or survey projects, using social media listening tools, searching for niche groups on multiple platforms, and finding your competitors.

Thus, after knowing your audience, start making engaging content on the relevant platform and post it on your profile to attract more followers.

Build and Optimize Your Social Media Profile

After knowing your audience, you should create and optimize your social media profile to get a huge fan following. You can optimize your profile by:

• Upload your professional photo, logo, or video for appeal. Ensure that you have used the correct photo size according to the platform. For example, on Twitter, you can upload a photo with a size of 400PX by 400PX.

• Use the same image on your page and your profile.

• Also, choose similar handles.

• Make yourself available through search by targeting specific keywords. Add these keywords to your bio or description.

• Add valid links to your website, landing page, and social media profiles.

• Remove all the inappropriate tags from your profile.

Choose the Best Time to Publish Social Media Post

You must know what time and day will be best for publishing your social media post. It depends on your industry, platform, and target audience. Hundreds of posts and reports are published at the right time on various social media platforms. Thus, look for your best time to post, analyze your social media metrics on a specific platform, and use software to track this idea and get the attention of many users.

Post Consistently and Purposely

You must publish your posts consistently but with moral purpose so your audience can see the quality of content in your posts. If your post regularly but have no unique content, you cannot build your profile and attract other users. Thus, find content ideas, automate your social media calendar, and earn a good reputation. This will surely help you to grow your fan following.

Engage Yourself with Your Audience

Social media is a two-way communication form, meaning you must also actively interact with your audience. You can do this by responding to their comments, liking and commenting on their photos, sharing unique articles, answering their queries, and making chats with them. This convinces your audience that you value their interests in your brand. This will generate a good reputation and many new followers for you.

Follow Relevant Brands and Social Media Influencers

You want more followers than the number of people you follow on your social media account. Your followers’ list determines your feed and the type of content you are interested in. therefore, follow relevant brands and social media influencers of your industry. Engage yourself with them by commenting on their posts, liking them, and sharing their content so you can get visibility and more followers. You can also get in touch with followerbeast social media growth experts.

Add Appropriate Hashtags

Attaching appropriate hashtags with your posts will help you to grow your profile and get more followers, as whoever searches that hashtag will see your profile. Different platforms allow a different number of hashtags to use. For example, you can use a limited number of hashtags on LinkedIn compared to Instagram and TikTok.

Work with Micro-Influencers

Another important tip for organically growing your social media audience is collaborating with micro-influencers. The reason for collaborating with them is that they will work with you at low rates, have high genuine engagement, and remain more in touch with their followers. This way, you will have a good chance to get more followers.

Add Visuals to Your Every Post

Adding visuals to your posts generate interest in users’ mind and perform their best to attract more people. Therefore, adding high-quality, eye-catching, and colorful images or graphics to your post is wise to gain more people’s attention, resulting in more followers.


Social media is a sensation, and everyone wants to grow their audience on social media. However, growing your audience on your profile is a tough task. You must follow some tips and tricks to attract more people to your profile. Above, we have mentioned some key tips that will help you grow your audience on social media and efficiently advertise your brand. Thus, follow this article and learn how to grow your fan following on social media.