You can use various strategies to grow your Instagram following, including the follow/unfollow method. Follow/unfollow is used to increase your Instagram followers rapidly. This guide will teach you all about the follow/unfollow method.   

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Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms to hit the digital world, with over 2 billion active users [no follow] in 2022. As of January 2023, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is the most-followed person on Instagram, with a whopping 539 million Instagram followers.

An Instagram following of that magnitude is unattainable for most Instagram users, but nothing is stopping you from actively trying to grow the number of followers you have. There are tons of active Instagram accounts which can potentially follow you.

There are various methods to increase your Instagram following and grow your account’s popularity. You could buy automatic likes on Instagram, Instagram comments, Instagram followers, Instagram views, or even use the popular follow/unfollow method to increase the number of your Instagram followers.

In this article, we’ll look at the follow/unfollow method to grow your Instagram following and guide you on everything you need to know about using this method.

What Is Follow/Unfollow On Instagram?

Your Instagram account will become more visible and popular by growing the number of Instagram followers you have. Instagram followers are the users who have clicked the follow button on your Instagram profile so that your content appears in their feed.  

Users follow accounts that they have a particular interest in. You can also follow accounts as a strategy to grow the number of your Instagram followers. This brings us to the follow/unfollow method.  

The follow/unfollow method on Instagram involves targeting and following other Instagram accounts in the hope that those users will reciprocate by following back. After some time, you unfollow some (or all) of the accounts you followed. This is usually irrespective of whether they followed you back or not. This removes their content from your feed and enables you to manage your account’s following/follower ratio optimally.

You receive a notification when a new user has started following your public account or a notification of a request to follow your private account. After receiving a follow notification or request to follow, you can also choose whether to follow their account back or not. 

Often users will view new accounts following them, making them aware of the existence of that account. Following Instagram accounts is a great way to make new users aware of your account’s existence and grow your following organically and rapidly. 

It will also give you exposure by making your content visible to your target audience. 

How To Use The Follow/Unfollow Method 

Instagram has set a limit that you cannot follow more than 7,500 accounts on the platform at any time. This is to reduce spam on the platform. You will see an error message if you try to follow more than 7,500 accounts.

Using this method to increase the number of Instagram followers you have could lead to an increase in the Instagram comments, Instagram likes, and Instagram views you get on the content you post. 

However, this is not guaranteed. 

You still need to create and post high-quality content and encourage user engagement on your account before and after obtaining new followers. If your account is low quality, you may not get that follow-back you’re hoping for or retain followers.

The step-by-step process to use the follow/unfollow method is as follows:

  • Locate: Search for high-quality and active accounts to target in your niche. Random, low-quality, spam, and inactive accounts with few followers won’t help make your account popular. Go to a page in your niche and follow the accounts that liked or commented on the latest post on that page, as they are the most active niche accounts.
  • Follow: Once you have targeted accounts to follow, go specifically to the individual accounts and click on the “follow” button on their profiles. 
  • Engage: It’s a good idea to like or comment on some of the content on the accounts you’ve followed. This engagement will make the account holder take notice of your account and could boost your chances of the user following you back.
  • Unfollow: After a few days, you can unfollow all or some of the accounts you’ve followed. You can continue following the accounts you are interested in.
  • Repeat: Continue this cycle often but remember the limits set by Instagram. You are also limited to 200 follows per hour, 1000 follows a day, and 200 unfollows a day. Don’t unfollow accounts the same day you followed them, and stick to the limits to prevent drawing Instagram’s attention to your account.

Track and unfollow all the accounts that don’t follow you back or don’t add value to you. This frees up space for other accounts you can follow.

If you want to save content found on other accounts before unfollowing those accounts, you can use an Instagram downloader tool. There are some great free Instagram downloader tools available on Skweezer.

If the follow/unfollow method hasn’t helped you achieve the desired results, you can turn to other tactics. You could buy Instagram followers or buy automatic likes on Instagram to help you grow your following and increase your visibility on the platform.

Does The Follow/Unfollow Method Work?

Follow/unfollow is one of the most used strategies by users to increase their Instagram following. It does work and can offer you a quick way to gain a large following. 

Remember to keep your content consistent and high quality to prevent low user engagement and loss of followers.

If the follow/unfollow method doesn’t sit well with you, remember that there are other ways to get more followers. You can buy Instagram followers or buy automatic Instagram likes, Instagram views, and Instagram comments on your content. This makes your content more visible on the platform, attracting more followers. 

Is It Good To Use The Follow/Unfollow Method?

The follow/unfollow method has its advantages, which include:

  • Obtaining real organic followers.
  • It’s cheap, effective, and easy to use.
  • It increases your engagement rate.
  • You can gain potential customers.

The disadvantages of using the follow/unfollow method include:

  • Instagram is not a fan of shortcuts to grow your following and may detect your actions. If your interaction seems suspicious, your account could be blocked, with numerous blocks eventually leading to account deletion.
  • This method is time-consuming as you can’t manually follow/unfollow accounts in batches. 
  • If users realize that you’ve unfollowed them, this could break their trust, and they could unfollow you too.
  • Growing your following with many random, poor-quality, spam, or inactive accounts could damage your reputation and negatively affect user engagement with your account. This will negatively impact your visibility rate on Instagram according to its algorithm.
  • Influencers could be hesitant to collaborate or engage with you if they believe you are following accounts and unfollowing them just to grow your following.   

Additional Info On Follow/Unfollow On Instagram

  • There’s no feature or notification on Instagram to alert you when an account has unfollowed you. You will only see a decrease in the number of your followers you have. You need to look if a specific account is still in your followers list.
  • There are various Follow & Unfollow apps and tools you can use to help you manage the follow/unfollow method on Instagram, like InstaFollow and Union Metrics. They can assist with analytics and tracking. 
  • There are also Instagram growth and promotion services that offer great solutions to grow your account. You can buy Instagram followers instantly or buy automatic likes on Instagram to make your account appear more popular. 

A Final Thought

If you’re considering strategies to increase your following on Instagram, the follow/unfollow method is a popular way to achieve rapid growth. However, you must stay within Instagram’s “follow/unfollow” limits and remember only to follow high-quality, active accounts in your niche.  

Ensure that your Instagram account is optimized and that you create and post high-quality content consistently and regularly. Getting many followers on Instagram is only part of what will make you successful on Instagram. You still need to retain all those followers you acquire and keep them engaged with your account.

Suppose you don’t want to try the follow/unfollow method. In that case, you should consider Instagram growth services that allow you to buy automatic likes on Instagram or buy real Instagram followers. Whichever method or strategy you choose to use, we hope that you achieve that large Instagram following you desire.