August 17th is National Nonprofit Day and as the president and CEO of the Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA), I am excited to highlight the positive impact we have Arizona’s children and families throughout the fiscal year of 2020. AzCA is one of the state’s oldest and largest child welfare and behavioral health nonprofit agencies and serves over 40,000 children and families in all 15 counties annually.

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The outstanding staff and committed foster families and mentors at the Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA) have demonstrated persistence, determination and focus on alignment with the organization’s mission of “protecting children, empowering youth and strengthening families” during the unending challenges of 2020. These challenges, while daunting, taught us to quickly adapt. We focused on having the resources to make necessary changes in service delivery and staffing availability.

Here are some amazing statistics from this year’s annual report:

• AzCA helped over 20,000 children, youth, adults and their family members with one or more of its Outpatient Behavioral Health Services or Trauma Support Services.

• AAzCA provided parenting and community education and support to over 2,000 parents/caregivers and children through their Family Education & Support Services.

• 19 youth who “aged out” of foster care were matched with mentors.

• Over 1,200 current and former foster youth received support and services to assist with transitioning into adulthood.

• 1,500 home visits were made through their Parents as Teachers program.

• Over 300 families received Family Preservation or Family Reunification/Placement Stabilization Services.

• 555 new kinship caregivers caring for 481 relative children were provided information, resources, referrals and support.

• 326 kids were adopted.

• 1,496 children in Arizona’s foster care system were provided loving homes.

These numbers showcase the impact AzCA has, and will continue to have, on Arizona’s families! Our staff are proud to continue to help children and families as they face difficult moments in life.

AzCA is seeking caring, passionate people to join the team! If you are interested in getting involved by working with the Arizona’s Children Association, please visit: AzCA is currently offering hiring bonuses – $500 for field staff and $1,000 for clinicians.

Jacob Schmitt, MPA, is president and CEO of Arizona’s Children Association. Since 1912, Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA) has stayed true to “Protecting Children, Empowering Youth, Strengthening Families,” serving more than 40,000 children, individuals and families in all 15 counties each year. Learn more at