Today, the corporate sector is more competitive than one can imagine. Employers come across thousands of applications for a single job opening. Similarly, people with advanced qualifications apply to entry-level positions because they don’t have enough corporate experience. Undeniably, the learning in schools and colleges is pretty valuable but not enough to thrive in the professional world. After all, how things happen in the real world is different from what we learn in the books.

Before applying for jobs, every student must step into the job markets as an intern or apprentice, especially if you have a business degree. You will work under the guidance of competent managers who will familiarize you with day-to-day business operations. From maintaining financial information on spreadsheets to preparing documents, you will get a chance to learn about the corporate world’s ins and outs. Undoubtedly, having know-how about business dealings can automatically make you a perfect candidate.

Likewise, completing apprenticeship programs at reputable companies can add to your curriculum vitae (CV). The recruiting employer counts it as your experience, giving you an edge over other fresh graduates. In case you are still unsure about applying for an apprenticeship program, have a look below. Here are five reasons how a business administration apprenticeship can prepare you for the industry.

1. Offers Professional Exposure

Surprisingly, the entire apprenticeship program revolves around structured training and work programs. It equips people with the knowledge and expertise they need to succeed in the workplace. From attending board meetings to solving customer complaints, you will learn to deal with challenging situations in real-time. Likewise, you will learn how to make informed decisions while considering their consequences and drawbacks.

However, if you feel you are lagging in the apprenticeship, pursue an online MBA no GMAT required program. It will help you gain first-hand experience of your chosen field and profession. Above all, you will get a chance to apply all you are learning in the professional world. The managers will simultaneously review your progress to ensure you are moving in the correct direction.

2. Strengthens Resume

It might sound unreasonable, but employers want people to have industry experience before they graduate. As a business administrative apprentice, you will get a chance to gain a work-based qualification. Similarly, an apprenticeship program provides on-job training to students that can significantly improve career prospects. Even a one-year industry experience can count on your resume since you will have practical work knowledge and skills.

Also, make sure you are completing the business administration apprenticeship program in the relevant industry. Perhaps, you can apply to multi-national organizations, consulting firms, or local startups. Nevertheless, some people think that an apprenticeship program will rope them into one industry forever. In reality, the skills you acquire in these programs are transferrable and adaptable to any industry. Precisely, this is the reason why employers want to hire apprentices.

3. Fosters an Entrepreneurial Flare

Usually, while pursuing a business degree, many students think of becoming entrepreneurs. It might sound like an ideal choice, but you must gain some industrial experience before kickstarting your venture. The business apprenticeship program will expose you to real-world challenges that entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them. Similarly, you will understand the importance of business communication and delegation, helping you emerge as a successful entrepreneur.

Moreover, working in a business environment from a young age will make you more confident. You will learn how to manage different tasks at once, such as budgeting, marketing, recruitment, etc.

4. Develops Soft Skills

Even though colleges challenge us in many different ways, the organizational challenges are unique and require a different skill set. The apprenticeship program can help you develop soft skills. You will learn to work under pressure on short deadlines without compromising on work quality. Likewise, you will understand how to work with other people in teams while managing your performance.

Most importantly, the business administration apprenticeship program will polish your communication skills. Apprentices have to report to a senior manager and throw light on what they have learned throughout the week. Having these soft skills under the belt can give a massive advantage over other job candidates. 

5. Builds A Network

The apprenticeships get students involved in the day-to-to running of the business. From line managers to compliance officers, you will get a chance to meet different people every day. Hence, you can build your network and make a good name for yourself in the industry. You have to brush up on people skills to make small talks with others.

Additionally, you can also learn a thing or two from aspiring professionals in the workplace. For instance, if you want to work on the customer relationship software (CRM), request sales representatives to show you the ropes. Besides, these professional contacts also come in handy when you are looking for advice or career opportunities.

Final Words

A typical day of a business administrator is full of tasks and responsibilities to keep the firm running. If you want to fit in a similar job role, begin your journey with an apprenticeship program. It will strengthen your resume, provide real-world experience while allowing you to build a network of professionals. Likewise, it can help students emerge as competent entrepreneurs in the industry.