Would you like better sleep, more energy, and less stress? How about more fresh air, healthy sunlight, and a boost to your creativity? Working outside instead of being bound to a chair and a desk is a proven way to achieve these health and wellness benefits. There are many types of outdoor jobs to choose from.

Types of Work 

There are many types of work you could do, such as construction work at Henkelman Construction, landscaping, or dog walking, to name just a few.

Basic Biology

Human beings are built to move and be in touch with our natural environments. There is nothing natural about sitting in a small cubicle under a fluorescent light for eight hours each weekday. It is only the rules of our modern society that have convinced us this is the best way to achieve health and prosperity. Numerous studies have shown an increase in happiness, as well as reduced rates of anxiety and depression among people who spend more time outdoors. 

Finding employment that also allows you to experience the benefits associated with outdoor activity could be a boost emotionally as well as financially. Numerous publications and academic articles have proven that human beings are still wired on a base level to spend the majority of their time outdoors. This dates back to our history as hunter-gatherers.

Increased Productivity 

Studies have shown up to 45% increased productivity in workers who spend just 29% of their time outside. Many jobs require being outside for a significant portion of the day, but regardless of profession, the option to spend some of the day outdoors should be something that every employer might want to consider to increase the productivity of their workforce. As we learn more about the benefits of being outside, many large companies with traditional indoor workspaces are incorporating ways for their employees to do at least some of their work in an outdoor setting. 

In recent years this has been especially evident in the technology sector. Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook have experimented with incorporating various outdoor settings in their offices. These include such concepts as botanic gardens, tree houses, and green roofs. Also, some localities have begun to build space for working in public parks, such as the Harvey Milk Promenade Park in Long Beach, CA. 

Better Sleep, Focus, and Overall Health

The health benefits of outdoor activity are diverse and far-reaching. It is proven that exposure to natural light can provide up to forty-six more minutes of sleep, and staring at green scenery can improve your concentration by eight percent. Working outside you will burn more calories, reduce inflammatory levels, and decrease mortality risk by 12%. Sunlight provides 166 times more light than overhead office lighting, which reduces seasonal depression and anxiety. In fact, spending time outdoors is proven to reduce stress levels and can have effects on the brain and body similar to meditation. It is also shown to lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Mixing Work With Pleasure

Often, people find it difficult to find the motivation to go outdoors on workdays. It can seem like just one more chore to have to incorporate outdoor exercise into a hectic daily schedule. Working in the outdoors allows the benefit of better health and vitality without adding more time to your day. A career working outside is a great way to get all the great health benefits of the outdoors while still earning income to support your family.