There’s getting a job, and then there’s getting a great job! What is the distinction between the two you ask?

It’s simple really. Getting a great job often has to do with the company culture, or the lack thereof. 

But what exactly is company culture and how do I recognize it? 

We’re so glad you asked!

Read on as we explore five great company culture examples. These can help make sure your next job is a really great job.

The Perfect Fit

Company culture is the beliefs and behaviors of a business. Applied both internally and externally. 

Externally, excellent company culture can build a great brand identity and image. Internally, it fosters employee retention and satisfaction. 

Every company’s culture will be unique. Yet, there are a few key qualities to look for in a company that will tell you if their culture is a winner. 

It’s worth mentioning that across the board SaaS company culture has many of these qualities.

Company Culture for the Win

The key to developing a winning culture is clearly defining how you treat people. Both customers and employees.

Winning company cultures will emphasize respect, importance, and listening in every interaction. 


Companies with world-class cultures aren’t afraid to ask questions. They are often the first to figure out ways to do the so-called impossible.

To these companies, a challenge is an opportunity to grow, or do something better. Innovation is at the heart of their ethos.

Technical Prowess

Part of innovation is having strong technical prowess in an ever-changing marketplace. 

What tools does the company use on the back end? How do employees communicate with one another?

Take note. This reflects on the company’s capacity to grow with technology, which isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 

The Details Matter

Companies with excellent cultures understand that everything is a customer experience. There is nothing too big or too small, the world-class company is aware of every single detail.

The cleanliness of the office and bathrooms, the way employees talk to one another, the way they talk to customers, all of it contributes to the customer experience.

Having a strong company culture will shine through every single aspect of a business. 

Think Big, Then Go Bigger

Accomplishing big things means you have to dream big. Companies with the best cultures understand this and encourage you to think outside the box. 

In these companies, there is no upper limit to what can be achieved. It’s a matter of imagination and strategy.

Thinking big can be intimidating, but world-class companies go big by keeping their eye on the long-game. They make sure to work tactically, producing the best results for employees and customers. 

Feeling Inspired?

We hope so!

This is just a shortlist of excellent company culture examples you can look for when hunting for that really great job.

With technology increasingly intertwined with our day-to-day lives, there is no shortage of SaaS start-ups to plugin with. 

Make sure to keep our list handy while you job hunt! Your potential employer should have some of the company culture markers we looked at today. 

Happy hunting!