The average adult will spend 416 days in the bathroom.

And that begs the question…

If we’re going to spend so much time in this part of the house, why shouldn’t we make it look and feel as luxurious and sophisticated as possible?

Today’s article will get you daydreaming about the perfect bathroom, so keep reading and learn about eight ways to get the bathroom aesthetic you deserve!

1. Come Up With Elegant Storage Solutions

A counter full of cotton pads, q-tips, and a clutter of bottles and tubes doesn’t exactly look elegant.

Luckily, this problem is really easy to solve: all you need are some see-through jars and simple boxes to keep everything organized and tidy.

2. Make Your Tub the Centerpiece

If you want to redesign, and not just redecorate your bathroom, you need to make your bathtub the centerpiece.

These freestanding bathtubs from Badeloft are a great option – you’ll feel like you’re staying at a five-star hotel every single day!

3. Add Some Seating

Yes, you could sit on the toilet while you’re moisturizing your legs, but would that feel nearly as relaxing and fancy as doing it while sitting on a nice stool or ottoman?

4. Use Plants

Using plants as decor pieces is an excellent idea for a variety of reasons.

Not only do they make any room look a lot fresher and welcoming, but they improve the air quality, help you relax, improve your mood, and much more.

Pro tip: Make sure to choose plants that do well with a lot of humidity. Aloe vera and bamboo are our favorites!

5. Hang a Piece of Art

Art in your bathroom might be a combination you never thought of, but why not?

All you need is one beautiful painting, photo, or even sculpture, and your bathroom will automatically gain a lot more personality.

Pro tip: Once again, remember that there’s a lot of humidity in your bathroom, so your piece of art might need some kind of protection.

6. Go For a Big Mirror

This tip is particularly relevant if you have a small bathroom.


Simple: (strategically located) mirrors create an illusion of depth, making any room appear bigger than it is. Plus, they reflect light, which adds to the illusion.

7. Don’t Forget About the Smell

Let’s be honest: how satisfying is it to walk into a bathroom and instantly feel an amazing smell in the air?

Whether you love a scented candle, prefer some nice incense, or even some colorful potpourri, don’t forget about the smell!

8. Remember to Clean Your Bathroom Regularly

Your bathroom might look like the most elegant room in your house, but unless you keep it clean and tidy, all your efforts will go out the window.

Make sure to have a cleaning session at least once a week.

Creating the Bathroom Aesthetic of Your Dreams Has Never Been Easier

Your bathroom is supposed to be your pampering haven, so why not design and decorate it as such?

Now that you know all our tips on how to create the bathroom aesthetic you’ve always dreamed of, it’s time to bring out your inner interior designer and get to work!

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