Research has revealed which states produce the most solar energy in the US, as searches for solar energy have increased 204% since the beginning of 2023. And Arizona is the third-largest producer of residential solar power in the U.S.

With millions of Americans impacted by rising electricity and natural gas prices, solar provider SunPower researched how much energy costs in each state and looked into which states produce the most electricity from clean energy technologies.

The full research can be found here:

The 10 states that produce the most residential solar energy

California is miles ahead of all other states in terms of residential solar energy production, making up 39.3% of the total residential solar energy in the U.S. In 2018, California mandated that all new single-family homes and multi-family dwellings up to three stories high must be built with solar panels. This came into effect in 2020, adding to the momentum of Californians’ transition to solar energy.

The state of New York is the second-highest producer of residential solar energy. In New York, local laws 92 and 94 mandate solar panels or green roofs be installed with all new home builds where cost-effective. 

Arizona is the third-largest producer of residential solar power in the U.S. The state is committed to producing 15% of its energy from renewable resources by 2025.

Further findings: 

Vermont produces the highest percentage (99.8%) of its total energy from clean sources.

Hawaii is the most expensive state for electricity, with an average price of 45.69 ¢/kWh.

Idaho has the most affordable electricity prices in the country, 46% less than the U.S. national average, with an average price of 10.51 ¢/kWh. 

California is the state with electricity prices going up the fastest –  the prices have risen by 78% in the last decade.