Kimonos are the undisputed summer staple. Paired with the right pieces, the Japanese-inspired garment creates an effortless ensemble. Whether you’re heading to the beach with your girlfriends or grabbing lunch with the family, kimonos will not disappoint. The lightweight garment does an excellent job of keeping you chic and comfortable during the hot summer months.

How to Style your Kimono Dress for Summer

Kimono dresses can be styled in various ways, depending on your unique style and preference. They come in different prints and patterns, making it easy to find your perfect fit. Accentuating the female figure through its flowy silhouette, kimonos are an asset in every woman’s wardrobe. Looking for easy ways to style your kimono dress this summer? We’ve got you covered. 

  • Belt the kimono
  • Beach cover-up
  • Kimono sets for the win
  • Bodysuit and jeans
  • T-shirt, jeans and your kimono

Belt the kimono

Adding a belt to the kimono is a great way to draw attention to your waist, and it offers your outfit a sophisticated, feminine touch. Kimonos usually come with matching sashes for this purpose. You can wear your long kimono with a sash for a dress look ideal for lunch dates and evening walks by the shore. 

Beach cover-up

Wear your kimono as a cover-up for your swimwear and beachwear. It is the easiest wardrobe decision to make as you head out the door for a beach day with the girls. The kimono is effortlessly chic and stylish and will give you extra coverage when needed. Look like the fashion guru you are as you lounge by the pool or get drinks at the beach shack. 

Kimono sets for the win

If you dread putting together outfits for the day, kimono sets are the way to go. They are perfect for women who have a busy lifestyle. The sets come in fabrics such as linen and silk, suitable for brunch dates and night outs. A soft and breathable linen kimono set is all you need for the hot days of the year. Paired with trendy sandals, this is the outfit for you. 

Bodysuit and jeans

Bodysuits nip and tuck in all the right places, making it the perfect outfit to pair with a free-flowing, loosely fitted kimono. Your bodysuit paired with jeans is all you need to make a stunning ensemble for your everyday errands. Get yourself a fringe kimono dress to pair with your best-loved bodysuit and jeans. 

T-shirt, jeans and your kimono

Need to look dressy in under a minute? Kimonos are your best friend. Add a kimono to your t-shirt and jeans for a trendy and impressive look. Kimonos never go out of style and are easily paired with almost every outfit in your wardrobe. 

Types of Kimonos to Add to Your Wardrobe

There are many different styles of kimonos available in the market today. Whether you’re heading to the store or online shopping, kimonos are easy to shop for. From floral designs to fringed varieties, you have a range of options to choose from. Don’t know what is best? Let’s get you started.

  • Fringe kimonos 
  • Kimono jackets
  • Long kimonos 
  • Floral kimonos
  • Knitted kimonos

Fringe kimonos 

Adding flair to your outfit just got easier with a fringe kimono. Paired with your tank top and shorts, fringe kimonos bring the right amount of boho-chic to your outfit. Wear it with jewelry that elevates your look, and you’re ready for a trip to Tomorrowland

Kimono jackets

Kimono jackets usually refer to shorter versions of kimonos. They make for great outfits when paired with your shorts and t-shirts. You can get a bright-colored kimono jacket if you want to create a bold and fierce look. Accessorise with the right pieces for a complete ensemble. 

Long kimonos 

These are ideal for adding flair to your outfit. Getting long kimonos in chiffon is a decision you will not regret. Wear your long kimonos with your bikinis or one-piece swimsuits for a look that is sure to stun. 

Floral kimonos

Be it spring or summer, floral kimonos are a must-add to your wardrobe. They effortlessly create a look that is youthful and playful. Pair your floral kimono with a solid-colored ribbed dress, and you’re ready to hit the park with your best friends. 

Knitted kimonos

While kimonos are worn during the warmer months, knitted kimonos are perfect for the fall and winter months. Knitted kimonos let you stay warm while looking your absolute best. Why compromise style when the temperature drops? 

Kimono Dress Suggestions for Occasions

Kimono dresses are impressive attires that can help you expand your wardrobe and styling opportunities. They are graceful and charming, the ideal combo of everything you need in a woman’s fashion closet. If you’re wondering how to style your kimono dress for an occasion, here are a few suggestions to inspire your styling experience. 

Getting your kimono outfit right is easy once you have figured out a few styling techniques. Invest in a few versatile and functional pieces, ensuring you create looks that allow you to go about the day without any restrictions. Kimonos have risen in popularity in recent years and have been conquering the world one summer vacation after another. 

A Touch of Japan

After multiple runway appearances and street style inspirations, the traditional Japanese garment has evolved into its contemporary design today. It is worn by women all around the world and is a staple item in anyone’s summer wardrobe. Going on vacation to the Maldives? Don’t forget to pack your favorite kimono.