new study found Arizona is the No. 5 best state for hiring looking ahead to 2023.

The inability to hire remains a top concern for business owners as the Labor Department’s latest figures show 10.3 million unfilled jobs in America, an unprecedented 16th straight month above 10 million.

Employers remain puzzled with how to increase pay and grant more flexibility while operating expenses skyrocket in an unsteady economy.  Amid the monumental recent changes in how and where Americans work and live, some states have a better hiring outlook than others.

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CareerCloud today released a study on the Best and Worst States to Hire Workers after analyzing the most recent data from the Census Bureau, BLS, and the Tax Foundation on five factors critical to hiring: business taxes, population increases, educated workers, diversity, and job openings.

Key findings in best state for hiring study:

• Arizona: No. 4 best influx of talent, No. 10 lowest job openings rate, No. 12 best diversity among job candidates, No. 23 most favorable business tax policies, and No. 29 highest percentage of adults with bachelor’s degrees.

• 10 Best States for Hiring: Florida, Washington, Delaware, Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, New Hampshire, and Colorado.

• Migration Matters: Eight of the top 10 states are in the top quartile for population growth.

3 Tips to Win the Recruiting Game in 2023: 

1. Embrace The Post-Covid Work World: The concept of the workplace has permanently changed and employers clinging to hiring practices from 2019 will be left behind. Job candidates want flexibility, the option to work remotely, and better pay. Companies that adopt these policies will be in a better position to recruit and retain top talent.

2. Hire Expert Freelancers: Top talent from corporate America have opted off the hamster wheel to permanently freelance from home. This creates an opportunity to work with industry experts, that would never have been available without paying them a full-time salary with benefits. The ability to add or remove headcount is helpful until things stabilize.

3. Poach from your Competition: With many Americans unwilling to take full time jobs the need to poach strong employees from your competition has never been greater. These workers are a hot commodity as they have experience in your industry. Do research to find out how their current employer is dropping the ball and enact policies to make your workplace attractive enough for them to make a move.