New research can today reveal the most crypto-ready states in the USA, with Florida taking the top spot as the state most prepared for cryptocurrency adoption.  

Arizona ranks as the 6th most crypto-ready state in the U.S. 

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New research from Invezz has analysed measures including the number of crypto ATMs in each state, their accessibility, blockchain companies and the number of online searches for crypto to reveal which states are the most ready for the adoption of cryptocurrency in 2022. 

You can find the results here: 

Key findings:

• Vermont is the only state with no Bitcoin ATMs.

• Wyoming has the most blockchain companies per 100,000 people at over 20, while California has the most overall with 2,670.

• California has the highest number of annual searches for crypto per 1,000 people at 236.

• Rhode Island has the highest number of Bitcoin ATMs per 100,000 at over 15, as well as the most crypto ATMs per square mile, averaging 165 per 1,000 sq. miles which is 21% higher than the second highest state, New Jersey with 130.

• Texas has the most Bitcoin ATMs in total with 4,101 in the state.

• 9 states have no state-level capital gains tax meaning crypto investors in these states could see higher returns as they only have to consider the federal CGT.

• New York has the most comprehensive laws with currently 19 crypto-related bills passed.