Each week, we will profile an innovative leader who was selected for the 2024 edition of Az Business Leaders magazine. Today, meet Laura Lo Bianco, partner at Lewis Roca.

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Laura Lo Bianco

Partner, Lewis Roca

Background: Laura Lo Bianco brings over 25 years of experience to her role as partner at Lewis Roca. With a focus on corporate law and transactional matters, she advises clients in the areas of business counseling; corporate governance; the formation of organizations; mergers and acquisitions; real estate transactions; and compliance with the law and best practices. Laura also counsels various tax-exempt entities, such as private foundations, public charities, schools, associations, support organizations, and other entities that are tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code. 

Source of pride: “I am proud to have become a partner in a well-respected law firm, Lewis Roca. It has allowed me to not only grow as a leader in my legal practice but also throughout the community.”

Professional advice: “Young professionals should seek opportunities to strive to be the best person they can.  They should take advantage of those invitations to engage with other professionals in new settings. Always treat people with respect and act with integrity.”

Spirit animal: “My spirit animal is the elephant. While some would focus on the power they represent, it is their symbols of strength, wisdom, protection, sensitivity, longevity, and community that connect me to them.”

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