A leading and fast-growing company providing AI solutions in education has found a home at SkySong that has propelled its growth. OneOrigin, a leading technology company headquartered at SkySong, The ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, has established a global presence with operations in the Middle East and India. 

Specializing in advanced AI solutions, the company primarily focuses on transforming the education sector. Its commitment lies in providing comprehensive support to educational institutions, from admissions to student success and graduation, through innovative and high-quality technological solutions.

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Founded in 2015, OneOrigin has rapidly grown in its nine years of operation, gaining recognition for its focus on cutting-edge technology. In 2022, the company made a strategic decision to relocate its headquarters to SkySong, marking a pivotal moment in its journey.

The move to SkySong in 2022 has proven to be one of the best decisions for OneOrigin. With a team of 150 employees and ongoing expansion efforts, the company now thrives in the collaborative and technologically advanced environment provided by SkySong.

Since its relocation, OneOrigin has experienced remarkable growth, achieving a remarkable 200 percent increase in revenue in 2023, as well as going from 90 to 150 employees. This outstanding expansion is a testament to the company’s innovative approach and successful adaptation to the dynamic environment facilitated by SkySong.

Abhinand Chincholi, the CEO of OneOrigin, said, “Since relocating to SkySong, we have moved offices multiple times, doubling in size to accommodate our unprecedented growth. SkySong pushes the definition of innovation, and we are proud to be a part of it.”

OneOrigin has forged a significant partnership with Arizona State University (ASU), spanning over half a decade. As one of the university’s key technology partners, OneOrigin plays a crucial role in enhancing the educational experience and administrative efficiency at ASU. This partnership underscores OneOrigin’s expertise and dedication to delivering advanced AI-driven solutions in the education sector.

Sharon Harper, Chairman and CEO of Plaza Companies, the Master Developer of SkySong, said the OneOrigin success story is a perfect example of the benefits of locating at SkySong. 

“We wanted to create an environment where innovation and entrepreneurship, along with connections to ASU and the innovative companies at SkySong, would foster growth,” she said. “We are thrilled to see the success of OneOrigin at SkySong and are pleased with how SkySong has become part of their expansion.” 

Scott Rubin of Plaza Companies, the master developer of SkySong, managed the lease transaction for OneOrigin’s expansion into larger space. 

SkySong has provided OneOrigin with a dynamic and collaborative environment conducive to innovation and growth. Proximity to like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs has enhanced the company’s ability to network and develop strategic partnerships, contributing to its rapid development and expansion in the tech industry.

OneOrigin’s journey at SkySong exemplifies the transformative impact of the right business environment. SkySong’s dynamic setting, coupled with strategic partnerships and a commitment to innovation, has propelled OneOrigin to unprecedented heights. The case study stands as a testament to how the collaboration between technology companies and innovation hubs like SkySong can drive success in the ever-evolving tech landscape.