Technology has undergone significant changes in the last few years. In the year 2021, it’s essential to know about your loved ones’ whereabouts more than ever before. You may want to track your children, or even your spouse, to make sure they are safe.

There are several mobile tracker apps available today that give real-time data updates of the target phone.

Which is the best app for a mobile tracker?

There are plenty of great mobile tracker apps today. They work on different aspects and use different technology. The usage depends on your needs. Some give great live time location while others help in call recording. The features and plans differ from app to app

Some of the best apps that help in tracking are –

• uMobix

• SpyBubble Pro

• Spyic

• SpyStealth


uMobix is an excellent mobile tracker app. It is one of the best phone tracker apps of 2021. It helps in tracking messages of all messaging apps and allows access to several social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Tiktok and much more.

It is effortless and has a quick installation, and has an excellent support service. It helps you be aware of everything that goes on the device. It keeps track of all photos saved, messages and even video screenshots. You will get real-time updates of everything that happens on the updates. It gets updated every 5 minutes.

Umobix will give you real-time updates automatically. It will also update data reports every few minutes to know what your target is up to.  Tracking apps also ensure your loved ones in a safe place, and regular tracking can ensure you are always informed about their whereabouts. It is rapid to install and takes only 10 minutes.

It helps get access to an activity on social media platforms like Zoom, Line, WeChat and hangouts. It gives essential real-time updates and alerts you in case of an emergency.

To use the app properly, you will first need to register and access the monitoring device. You can do this by knowing the screen password or opening an unlocked phone. Then you will need to install the app from the app store.

There are several features of this app. These include-

• Call history

With the call history app, you can view all incoming, outgoing, missed and deleted calls. You can check call durations, timestamps and even the frequency of calls made.

• Contact list

It helps you view all the phone book entries on the target phone. You can keep track of people being added to contacts and the contacts being deleted from the phone. To access this, you will need to login into userspace. Here you will find all the tabs with main sections. It helps collect information from all the contacts and their latest updates.

• Text messages

You can read sent and received messages on the target’s phone. You can know all about their contacts and social circles. You can view all the text messages online and even retrieve deleted messages and contacts.

• Messaging apps

You can access messages from all platforms like Whatsapp, Messenger, Zoom, Telegram, Kik, WeChat, Skype, Line, Hangouts and even Viber.

• GPS- Location tracker

This feature is a characteristic feature of uMobix is GPS- Location. You can determine each second location and keep an eye. You can also use geofencing to create a digital barrier. You can also track lost or stolen phones.


One of the most potent spy apps of 2021 is the SpyBubble Pro mobile tracker app. This app is compatible with all systems, including Windows, iOS and Android. The app is hassle-free to install, and the target won’t know they are being monitored. The remarkable features of this app are the remote activation technology it uses. The app works by recording phone calls, taking screenshots of playing on-screen and even recording emails. The monitoring app is very user-friendly, and you don’t need to worry about not being aware of how to operate it.


The SpyStealth app is an excellent mobile tracker app that helps to monitor-

• Video calls

• Text messages

• Saved photos and videos

• Call logs and call history

• Social network activity

• Every second live location.

It can be used to catch cheating spouses, your teens’ activity, and even browsing activity of employees. The app is straightforward to install and set up.  The app also helps to block websites and applications you don’t want the target to use. All in all, it’s an excellent spying app and is very efficient in its work.


One of the best tracking apps is the Spy app. It’s one of the most popular apps of this year. You can easily track any device from your browser.

There are several features of the Spyic app. These include-

• Following Whatsapp messages

• Following Facebook calls and messages

• Live GPS location


• Call logs and call history

The Spyic app is straightforward to use and install. It also works sneakily, and the person won’t know it’s installed on their device.

There are several additional features on the Spyic app that include Geofencing, creating virtual parameters and even accessing saved media files. The stealth mode of this app makes it a must-have. Several parents are using it to track the whereabouts of their children.

Children often aren’t aware of good and bad websites. The Internet can often have a lot of content that is bad for them. This feature can ensure you monitor all their activity and even filter out unwanted applications and websites.

This is also an excellent investment for businesses, as employees will be more productive when their activity is kept in check. It will increase your profit margins, and your employees won’t slack off at work.

Is the mobile tracker app safe?

Yes, mobile trackers are entirely safe. It is easy to use and hassle-free to use. It is also legal to use, and you can monitor your loved ones and their location. You can ensure they are in a safe place and even avoid dangerous situations.  It is also safe to use, and you can get real-time updates. The app is free of bugs and malware and involves no risk.

Is there a free tracking app?

Yes, there are several free tracking apps. These use GPS location trackers and help in locating your phone or even your target phone. There are several free apps available on Android for tracking people’s devices. You can see current locations on the map and even use them in airports, shopping malls and significant places.

Apps like Google Find My Device are free and are very reliable to use. Several free tracking apps provide tracking alerts and give the actual-time location.

How can I track mobile activity?

You can easily track mobile activity via several apps. These help you with real-time updates of the person you are following. Since your loved one’s security is priceless, you can use this software to track mobile activity easily. You will need to install the app and set it up, get a good package and then start monitoring.

You can even get physical access to all the contacts, messages and GPS location via this app. You need to install it by getting on the phone, and then the app works in stealth mode. The person you are tracking won’t know you are following them, and they cannot uninstall it.

How can I install a free mobile tracker?

SpyBubble tracker is a great mobile tracker app. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is easily accessible from all browsers. This app has several features like getting access to messages from Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and much more. You also get free online help for easy installation.

Step 1: Register

The first step is to register for the app and then choose a suitable subscription plan. There are several subscription plans, and you can choose one based on your preference. The more the program costs, the more features access you will get. Once the purchase is made, you can get the email with all instructions quickly.

Step 2: Set up

The next step is to set up the application on the target’s phone. You will need to give the credentials of the device you want to track.

Step 3: Start monitoring

Begin monitoring and learn everything about their location, calls and text messages. You will get access to all the data, and monitoring will be an effortless task for you.