Scottsdale-based Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) announced a partnership with Evexia Diagnostics. This partnership ensures that Evexia clients now have access to all AGS genetic testing services to further personalize patient treatment plans and options using their unique genetic information. 

AGS is an international leader in genomic testing offering a Health & Wellness DNA testing, Drug Sensitivity testing and Skin Health testing. These assessments give providers and patients actionable, individualized reports to help them understand how their genetics affect their diet, exercise, and nutrition and medication metabolism. Having knowledge of the chemical structure empowers members to make smarter decisions on what they eat and how they work out based on their unique genes. 

 “AGS is very pleased that Evexia chose to add AGS genetic testing to their portfolio of offerings,” said Lance Bennett co-founder of AGS. “We feel that with incorporating genetic testing with Evexia, one of the largest practice management groups in the US, it will allow thousands of additional providers in the functional medicine discipline to now have access to genetic testing that can augment current treatment plans for improved client health.”

This partnership will allow Evexia’s nearly 4000 practitioners to order genetic testing for health and wellness and pharmacogenomics, along with comprehensive Blood Panels, Salivary Hormones, Stool Testing, Food & Inflammation Testing, Cancer Screening, Heavy Metal Testing, and more, all at negotiated prices.