Organ donation stands as a profound testament to human generosity, where individuals extend the gift of life by willingly contributing their organs to those in need. 

Various organizations, including Dera Sacha Sauda, Shatayu, and Gift Your Organ Foundation, exemplify the commitment to fostering awareness and facilitating the organ donation process. These organizations play a crucial role in after-death body donation by facilitating the donation process with legal formalities, and ensuring respectful use for medical education and research purposes.

This selfless act goes beyond individual lives, playing a pivotal role in addressing critical organ shortages and positively impacting society’s well-being. By cultivating a culture of giving and saving lives, organ donation becomes a transformative force.

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Explore 10 NGOs and organizations dedicated to body and organ donation in India:

1. Dera Sacha Sauda

Dera Sacha Sauda, a socio-spiritual organization renowned for philanthropy, stands as a beacon of altruism and humanitarian work. In an age dominated by self-interest, the followers of this organization defy the norm, embodying selflessness and compassion. Amid their ongoing welfare efforts, these followers achieve an extraordinary milestone—voluntarily donating kidneys while alive, inspired by the teachings of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Bound by a legal pledge, they epitomize an unparalleled commitment to serving humanity. 

With thousands ready to donate kidneys, their enthusiasm is unmatched. Guided by Guruji’s principles, this benevolent act extends to whole body donation after death. Amanjot Kaur Insan, a devoted member of Dera Sacha Sauda, tragically passed away in a road accident. Inspired by the teachings of Guruji, her family chose to donate her organs. Amanjot’s heart, lungs, and liver brought new life to three individuals, embodying humanity’s boundless love and generosity. Her story is inspiring and motivated the followers to volunteerf in donating organs after death.

2. Gift Organ

Gift Your Organ Foundation, established in 2011, aims to address the shortage of organ donors in India by promoting and educating people on deceased organ donation. Serving as a national registry linked to the Zonal Coordination Committee for Transplantation in Karnataka, the foundation facilitates organ donation pledges in the event of brain death. Their vision is to eliminate deaths in India due to organ donor shortages. 

The foundation’s goals include being the official site for pledge registration, bridging the government-public gap, and dispelling myths around organ donation. It also emphasizes education and awareness through online platforms and a volunteer network, actively engaging with legislative bodies for beneficial amendments.

3. Amit Gupta Foundation

Amit Gupta Foundation, established in 2009, is a registered trust dedicated to raising awareness about organ donation. Founded in memory of Amit Gupta, who succumbed to renal failure complications, the foundation educates individuals on the significance of pledging organs after passing. Recognizing the importance of organ donations in India, AGF conducts sessions across sectors and engages with corporates, NGOs, and educational institutions.

With a focus on deceased and living donation, the foundation provides counseling to patients and families dealing with end-stage organ failure, addressing dietary, medical, and financial concerns. They help with heart donations, eye donations, kidney donations and donations of other essential organs and body parts. Additionally, AGF supports various initiatives, including ambulance donations, assistance to underprivileged children, and collaborative efforts with NGOs like GOONJ.

4. Shatayu

Shatayu – The Gift of Life, a non-profit initiative by Govindbhai C. Patel Foundation, focuses on increasing organ donation awareness in India. Founded by Mr. Dipak Patel, a heart transplant recipient, the organization aims to dispel myths surrounding organ donation. Shatayu encourages individuals to register as organ donors through its online, in-person, and mail enrollment options. 

The foundation provides donor cards to registered individuals, emphasizing the importance of carrying the card and discussing donation wishes with family. Shatayu supports both deceased and living donations, highlighting the transformative impact on recipients. The organization stresses the value of contributing by donating eyes after death which is quite common as well as signing up for donation of body parts after death.

5. Apex Kidney Foundation

Apex Kidney Foundation, established in 2008, is a charitable trust organ donation NGO in India focusing on kidney health, education, and organ donation. The foundation conducts educational programs, seminars, and conferences to enhance public and medical awareness about kidney diseases. They actively support individuals afflicted with kidney conditions by providing subsidized treatments. 

Committed to organ donation, specifically kidney donation, they emphasize the significance of donating organs to save lives. Apex Kidney Foundation promotes transplant awareness, encourages registration for organ donation, and collaborates with initiatives like the ASTRA registry for swap transplants. The foundation also contributes to kidney disease research through the Apex Biorepository for Clinical Discovery.

6. Mother India Care

Mother India Care, a non-profit trust founded in 2014, focuses on health, education, poverty relief, and road safety. Established in memory of an ex-army personnel, they work on sustainable development goals, including the “Thrive” and “Emergency” initiatives for road safety. Committed to organ donation, the trust collaborates with NGOs, establishes Accident Relief Centers, and supports the National Safety Brigade.

In the broader context of organ donation organizations, they actively promote awareness, education, and training for individuals to contribute to the cause. Organ donation involves the selfless act of giving one’s organs after death to save or enhance the lives of others. At Mother India Care, one can become an organ donor by registering through the site using the donation card. Registration typically includes specifying the organs one wishes to donate, such as kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, lungs, and tissues like corneas.

7. Mohan Foundation

Established in 1997, MOHAN Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting organ donation in India. Founded by Dr. Sunil Shroff, the foundation operates with a mission to provide the “gift of life” through organ donation to every Indian suffering from end-stage organ failure. They engage in extensive public awareness campaigns, train healthcare professionals, counsel families on organ donation, establish logistic networks, and collaborate with the government to enact favorable legislation. 

The foundation has made a substantial impact, evident in the organ donation figures in various states. For instance, in Kerala in 2021, there were 37 organ donations. In Tamil Nadu in 2022, this number significantly increased to 223, and in Telangana in 2023, there were 85 organ donations. These statistics reflect their significant contribution to addressing the critical shortage of organs in the country.

8. Donate Life

Donate Life, a non-profit organization founded in Gujarat in 2018, pioneers organ donation with a focus on lung and heart transplants. Donate Life has made a significant impact with a total of 492 kidneys, 212 livers, 50 hearts, 46 lungs, 8 pancreas, 1 intestine, 4 hands, and 387 eyes donated. These contributions have resulted in a total of 1,200 organs and tissues being donated, providing new life and vision to 1,101 individuals across the country and the globe. 

The organization’s commitment to organ donation is evident through these substantial numbers, reflecting their dedication to saving lives and making a positive impact on organ transplantation. Their mission emphasizes the priceless value of life, making organ donation a blessing. Awards and recognition highlight their impactful efforts, celebrated with a book release by the Governor of Gujarat and presented to the President of India. Donate Life promotes organ pledging, supported by various programs and initiatives, advocating that everyone can be an organ donor. Volunteering opportunities are available.

9. Narmada Kidney

Established in 1993, Narmada Kidney Foundation, a prominent NGO led by Dr. Bharat Shah, addresses the challenges of kidney disease. With a focus on prevention, patient support, and promoting organ transplantation, the foundation aims to enhance kidney care. Future plans include providing temporary accommodations and seeking tax exemptions to support patients economically. The organization offers financial assistance to eligible transplant recipients undergoing Kidney Transplants, covering both the transplant procedure and post-transplant medication expenses. 

Narmada Kidney Foundation supports Kidney and Transplant patients by offering subsidized medicines, vaccines, and glucometers to its members. Additionally, the foundation provides financial aid for Kidney Transplants and post-transplant medications. Special programs include the Swap Registry (MILAP) for matching incompatible donor-recipient pairs and a Marriage Bureau to provide social support for patients.

10. Zublee Foundation

Zublee Foundation, established in 2013 in Guwahati, Assam, is the sole NGO dedicated to Deceased Organ Donation awareness in India’s North-East Region. Led by Ms. Zublee Baruah and Mr. Amitabh Gohain, it addresses organ shortage through activities, earning recognition as the fourth most influential NGO in 2017. Zublee Foundation advocates organ donation, emphasizing voluntary pledging to save lives. Organ donation involves procuring organs or tissues from living or deceased donors. Anyone in good health can donate, with exceptions. 

Registering as a donor doesn’t compel donation; the decision rests with the donor’s family. The foundation promotes awareness and encourages involvement through membership, internships, volunteering, and campaigns. Zublee Foundation garnered 2,107 pledges, impacting 36 lifelines, with the support of 200 volunteers. The organization conducted 326 awareness programs to promote Deceased Organ Donation in the North-East Region of India.


In essence, organ donation stands as a testament to the profound potential for kindness within humanity. The act transcends individual lives, weaving a narrative of compassion and solidarity. By choosing to donate, people participate in a profound exchange – a gift of life that reverberates through communities, offering hope and renewal. 

In this collective act of altruism, individuals not only save lives but also contribute to a shared legacy of empathy. Organ donation, at its core, embodies the enduring spirit of humanity, reminding us that, even in the face of loss, we have the power to create a brighter, interconnected future for all. So, why not pledge to become an organ donor during the world organ donation day.